How to sync notifications across multiple users on Android phone

If you need to sync notifications across multiple users on Android, there is a simple way most users are not aware of. You can use this trick to notify many different users on the same topics such as meetings and other important events. There are many different ways to look at it. These methods include having different tiers of users such as primary, secondary and guest; having each user at the same level on a single device, and having different users on different devices but with the same notifications. Read Also: Get Voice Notification for WhatsApp Activities

All these methods can help you sync notifications across multiple users on Android devices.sync notifications across multiple users on Android

Different user tiers

The first method is to use different levels of privileges for each user on a singer Android device. This method will classify users as primary, secondary and guest with decreasing privilege for each user. The primary user is the first account signed into the device. However, the primary user can allow the secondary and guest accounts the same privilege as them. This way, they too can have the same notifications to the apps they have on their primary devices synced with those on the shared device.

From Android 5 onwards, the use of multiple users on one device is automatically disabled. To enable it, find the code that specifies the number of users on the Google page that specifies this aspect. You can then enable the use of multiple users on the same device with each user having different privileges.

Multiple users on the same device

For notifications on a calendar and email account, you can sign in using the credentials of different users. For example, in the settings of your device, you can navigate to the Accounts & sync section to add another account to sync content with. In the Gmail and Google Calendar apps, you can also add accounts and events which can be synced across multiple users. This kind of setup is easy to come up with and is among the most common ways to notify users whether on a single device or multiple devices.

Different users on different accounts

This method is quite similar to the one explained above in that it does not require any form of coding to make it work. For apps such as Google Calendar, you only need to create an event then invite other people to the event. When the event is almost due, all those on the invitation list will be notified of the upcoming event automatically. This works for a lot of apps on Android and even the desktop. If you have signed into your Google Chrome browser and you have an invitation from Google Calendar, for example, it will be displayed on the screen in the lower right corner for a while.

All these methods make it possible to sync notifications across multiple users on Android and other Google platforms such as chromeOS, the desktop and the web. As long as the accounts in question have been linked on one device, getting notifications elsewhere will be easy to carry out.

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