How to make Android hotspot faster

Welcome again and today let’s look at how to make android hotspot faster. Android operating smartphones come with WiFi where you can connect your smartphone to an internet wireless hotspot and surf the internet. Or rather, you can create a mobile hotspot on your phone and have others joining your network and share your internet. The good thing is that if you have a mobile phone, and a laptop, you don’t have to buy an internet modem. You just have to connect your laptop to your phone’s hotspot and start using the internet. This is a better way of surfing the internet for it is free and wireless. Read Also: How to view WiFi password on windows 10.

But then, at some point, you might experience a hitch with slow internet depending on various factors. There is no magic on how to make your android hotspot faster for surfing. There are no guaranteed magic tweaks. But there are various ways through which you can make android hotspot performance smooth.How to make android hotspot faster

Ways on How to make android hotspot faster

As I said before, there is no magic in speeding up your android hotspot. But there are various ways through which you can have your hotspot running fast, smooth and efficient. There are some variables you will have to observe too. Let me just highlight ways on how to make android hotspot faster for devices connected to the particular mobile hotspot. First, WiFi uses penetrative radio waves. These radio waves can penetrate certain objects and material, but it can be hard to go through others. So, make sure that when you have connected your mobile or computer to a WiFi hotspot, be directly in line with the hotspot you are connected to. Avoid obstacles and always be within the range.

Secondly, to make your android hotspot faster, reduce the number of users connected to it. The more the number of clients connected to the hotspot, the slower the signal. If you have 4 users connected at the same time, it means that the same internet speed is branched and shared to each user connected. Therefore, there is a probability of slowing down even more with the number of devices connected. There are also chances that one or certain users might be heavily using the internet thus, slowing it down. So, to make android hotspot faster, try to connect very few users on the hotspot. Read also: How to transform a laptop into a WiFi Hotspot and share the internet connection with other devices

Thirdly, your geological position is also a determining factor. Some regions have low network coverage. Since your hotspot will be using a mobile subscriber’s internet bundles, your hotspot strength can nose-dive simply because of slow network. To make your android hotspot faster, make sure you are in a region of strong network coverage. When the network signal is at its best, then is without a doubt that you will have a strong signal for internet.

Lastly, you have to have a faster internet sim card from your mobile subscriber. Mobile internet speed dynamics have really been snail slow. But as of now, 4G is running the show. So if you want to make android hotspot faster, then this is something that is highly considerable. You must have a 4G enabled sim card. 4G is way much faster than 3G. 4G sim card can only give a 4G connection on a 4G smartphone. So, you must have also had a 4G enabled android phone. This way, you can receive high internet speeds and your android hotspot will be faster and smoother too.

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