How To Install Google Play On Kindle Fire No Root

Google play is the official android app market for android smartphones. Let us look at how to install Google play on kindle fire without root. There are quite a good number of app stores out there on the internet providing many apps some that are on the Google play store and others that are not featured on the Google app store. Google has limited developers from uploading apps that ask for too much permission or those that infringe much on Smartphone user’s privacy. Because of these restrictions, many developers have opted for other non-official Android app markets that support every kind of application.

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Google play store is an application on its own on android smartphones or android operating system supported devices. On play store, you will find all the apps suitable and safe for your device because they have the Google approval and permission. This app comes already built in on android devices. But you can download it and install it on your device if it doesn’t have one which is most unlikely. Let us now learn how to install Google play on kindle fire. It is an easy procedure that anyone can try it out any time.

Install Google play on kindle fire

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Install Google play on kindle fire

Kindle fire is a tablet computer developed by Amazon. Kindle fire was officially released late in the year 2011. This device runs the official Google android operating system known as Fire OS. Several versions of the Operating system followed like Fire HD, Fire HDX. Fire 7 and Fire HD X. With Kindle fire, you can access Amazon app store. But you can install Google play store on Kindle fire and download android applications from the play store. This can come handy in case you need to use apps from Google play store that you can’t find it elsewhere.

Remember this device doesn’t come with Google play store built in. It is an Amazon product therefore, it supports Amazon app store as its official app market. Sometimes you might find this device very boring to use without Google apps. No G Mail, no Chrome, No play store, No YouTube! No even Google drive. I think now you can see the need of having Google play store app on Kindle fire. Can’t you?

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Steps to install Google play kindle fire

  • The very first step is to enable installation of third-party apps on your kindle fire. Go to Settings>>Security and then unknown sources and enable it. Now go back and open your Silk browser on your home screen.
  • In the browser, search and download Google play store apk, Google Play service, Google framework and Google account manager apks. Close your browser and go back to your Kindle home screen as soon as your downloads finish.
  • Now go to your Kindle fire file manager, usually called ‘DOCS’ on the home screen. Open it and choose “Local storage.” This will take you to your internal storage where you can see folders. Now go to the ‘DOWNLOADS’ folder and open it.
  • In the ‘DOWNLOADS’ folder, you will see all the apps you have downloaded. Click on each one of them and install by following installation procedures. After installation, you will see the icons of these four apps on your kindle fire home screen.
  • Finally, open the Google play store and sign in with your Google account. If you don’t have one, you can easily sign up and can start using your Kindle fire device with Google play store.

Those are the easy steps on how to install Google play store on Kindle fire device. You can now enjoy many apps that come on play store, download Gmail app and watch YouTube videos and movies. See you again in the next article.


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