How to install Android V 8.0 Oreo on most Android phones

Hello readers. Let us look at how to install Android v 8.0 Oreo on most android phones. Many smartphone users use android as compared to other smartphone operating systems. This is because android is highly customizable and easy to use. I call it OS of the people by the people for the people. I know you might be having a different view, but it’s ok since mine is just personal views. Android seems to have taken over the world. Almost everybody owns a smartphone these days and many run on Android Operating System. Google seems to be really doing well with the frequency at which they update Android. Read Also: How to Install Android Nougat on Windows Computer PC or Laptop

As we were still familiarizing ourselves with Android 7, Android 8 oreo is here! Android 8 comes with a few nice features you might want to have. For instance, get a taste of adapted icon shapes, changed and customizable user interface, new emoji, condensing settings menu, full-color gamut, ability to snooze notifications, Picture in picture (PiP) feature where you have a floating video screen, improved security protection, redesigned settings menu and much more! Read Also: How to install Windows Operating system on Android Phone or tablet How To Install Android V 8.0 Oreo On Most Android Phones

How to install Android V 8.0 Oreo on Android

Very few smartphones have this operating system onboard. Mostly Nexus and pixel phones which are google affiliated. It will take a while longer before other manufacturers start updating your phones with Oreo. As soon as it is fully released on many gadgets, you can check for updates on your phone if maybe your device manufacturer has this update for your phone. You can check this in the settings>>about phone>>system update. You can manually search and see if Oreo OS has been made available. Such updates are OTA updates. All you have to do is search for updates, if available, download it and install it through the phone system update settings. This might take some time before these updates start featuring.

Another way you can go about this is to download the Android 8.0 Oreo ROM and flash your smartphone with it. This process is a delicate process and needs some technical know-how on flashing ROMs. The other challenge is that for now, as per the time of this article, Android 8.0 custom ROM is yet to be released on the internet. But to those who would want to install it, assuming your manufacturer will accommodate it, you can flash it by downloading its stock ROM on your PC. After that, unzip it. Then install the flashing tool which is always provided. Load the scatter file (to those using SP Flashtool), then switch off your phone. On the sp flash tool dashboard, click “download” now, remove the battery from your phone and connect to the usb cable from your pc. Your ROM should start downloading.

As soon as it is done, remove the phone from the usb cable, insert the battery back and boot it. Your phone should boot with your new android 8! Remember this process is done professionally and carefully. Because if not, you might brick your phone. Note that the process differs with the make of your phone and the flash tool you use.

Strictly flash a stock ROM that is designed for your phone only. Flashing a custom ROM or any other will void your phone’s warranty. If you are not sure about this, it is advisable you don’t try flashing any ROM and if you are interested in a certain new ROM, buy a phone that supports it. Keep it here for more updates on Android 8.0 Oreo.

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