How to increase Apple watch battery life

Given the limited capacity of the battery on your Apple Watch, you may need to know how to increase Apple Watch battery life. There is a long list of the ways in which you can do this as this article will bring to light. Read also: How to connect iPad to TV wirelessly without Apple TV

Apple watch battery life

Software updates: First of all, you will need to update to the latest software for your Apple Watch as you try to increase its battery life. The reason for updating to the very latest software is that new updates always have optimizations for the battery life. You can check for an update by opening the Apple Watch app on your iPhone then going to My Watch > General > Software Update. If there is an update there, make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi, put your Apple Watch on the charger then update the watch wirelessly.

The Settings: If you dig into the settings, you can immensely increase Apple Watch battery life by making a few tweaks.

First on the list is the use of the Power Saving Mode when on a walking workout or running session. When you turn on the Power Saving Mode, you will turn off the heart rate sensor which is one of the heaviest battery users. You can do that by going to the Apple Watch app on the iPhone then My Watch > Workout.

If you need to use the heart rate sensor for your workouts but not eat into your battery much, you can choose a Bluetooth chest strap for that. After turning the chest strap into paring mode, open the Settings on your Apple Watch and select Bluetooth settings followed by picking the chest strap in the Health Devices list.

Another issue that eats into your battery is the ability of the watch to awaken its display when you raise your wrist. If you find your watch lighting up with each raise of the wrist, you can disable that with ease. On the Apple Watch, go into the Settings and then General followed by switching Activate on Wrist Raise off. Luckily, with the Apple Watch, you can easily see the time and notifications by tapping the screen of the watch.

The one mistake people make with the battery of their Apple Watches is that, unlike other devices, turning off the Bluetooth on your device DOES NOT save the battery. Rather, the watch will struggle to communicate with the iPhone to notify you right on time. When connected via Bluetooth, the Apple Watch and the iPhone will have better communication and will thus save the battery on either device. Latest versions of Bluetooth use very little power and you should thus not worry about the aspect of having the Bluetooth on your Apple Watch on.

With these methods and tips, you can be sure to increase Apple Watch battery life. Being a great piece of technology, your Apple Watch will serve you better if it has enough battery life to take you through the day.

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