How to fix Trackpad lock on HP 4520s laptop

Hello dear readers. Today I am going to show you how to fix the Trackpad lock on HP 4520s laptop. If you have HP 4520s laptop and you are experiencing a locked trackpad, then this article is for you. I always experienced this problem when sometimes accidentally my hands pressed the keyboard and then my trackpad locked indicating a LED indicator on the trackpad. Usually, you might think that it is a trackpad problem and you might sometimes think of turning your machine off and ON to fix the problem but unfortunately, this can’t help. Check also: How to Exit Test Mode in Windows 10 PC.

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It is because the trackpad has been disabled by pressing a combination of numbers on the keyboard. I am yet to figure out which combination of keys on the keyboard that locks the trackpad on this machine HP 4520s, but nevertheless, it’s not so important. So if you are having your trackpad locked with a LED indicator, then I am going to show you how to fix the trackpad lock on HP 4520s.

How to Fix Track Pad Lock on HP 4520s Laptop Showing LED Warning Indicator

Now, this is usually tricky when your HP 4520s trackpad is locked. It means you can no longer use the trackpad completely. I am yet to know if you can enable the trackpad with a combination of keys on the keyboard. To use this method that I am going to show you on how to fix the trackpad lock on HP 4520s, then you will need to have an external mouse. I suggest that in time of such a dire need, you will do anything to have your laptop working including borrowing a mouse from a friend. If you already have the external mouse, now follow the steps below on How to fix the trackpad lock on HP 4520s.

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Steps on How to Fix Track Pad Lock on HP 4520s Laptop Showing LED Warning Indicator

I have personally tried this method on HP 4520s laptop running on Windows 10 operating system. I don’t know about other models but if you have one which has this problem and it is not an HP 4520s but running on windows 10, then you can use the same procedure to fix it. Read with me.

Step 1

The first step is to acquire an external mouse. You may argue that you can still use the keyboard, but I don’t know about that but if you are good with that then you are free to. The reason why you need an external mouse is that your trackpad is totally locked or disabled and can’t be used until it is enabled.

Step 2

Click on the windows key on the keyboard or you can click on the windows button in the taskbar to open the windows search. In the search bar, using your laptop keyboard, type “TOUCHPAD” you will see the PRECISION TOUCHPAD SETTINGS. Click on it and the touchpad settings will open up. Now, click on the “ADDITIONAL SETTINGS

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Step 3

Open the ADDITIONAL SETTINGS. A mouse properties window will pop up. Now under the mouse properties window, now click on the hardware tab. Under the hardware tab, click on the SYNAPTICS PS/2 PORT TOUCHPAD


Click on the OK button and then APPLY.

Step 4

Still, under the MOUSE PROPERTIES window, click on the DEVICE SETTINGS tab on the dashboard.

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\Clickpad unlock.JPG

Click on the SYNAPTIC CLICKPAD as highlighted above. Now beneath it, click on the ENABLE tab, this will automatically enable your trackpad and you will hear the connection sound on the HP 4520s laptop.

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\Trackpad enabled.JPG

The LED light on the trackpad will go off and your trackpad will be active again. Thanks all for reading. I hope this article has been so helpful to you. Kindly support us by subscribing to our website and you can also join us on our social media and our forum. Thank you and see you again in the next article.

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