How To Flash Tecno Camon 12 CC7

Hello guys. It’s been quite a while. Welcome again to our website. I am going to show you how to flash Techno Camon 12. If you have your Tecno Camon 12 smartphone and you want to flash it or you’ve been trying to flash and ended up with an error on the phone or simply bricked your phone, then this is the perfect time to learn how to flash Tecno Camon 12 smartphone the simplest and the easiest way. If you want to learn more about mobile phone flashing, kindly visit our website and check under the “mobile” category. Read my articles on how to flash various smartphones and feature phones too. Anyway, you can also read my previous article on How to Unlock Oppo A57T smartphone.

Reasons for Flashing Tecno Cammon 12 Smartphone.

There are various reasons that call for flashing your phones. The reasons might vary so before flashing your phone, you should be sure that it is strictly a software problem. Some of the reasons why you should flash your phone include:

  • The phone stuck on boot mode
  • Bootloop mode, where the phone powers on and off
  • Removing FRP or Google Account,
  • Phone Stuck on Fastboot mode
  • The phone is in dead mode.
  • Android apps stopping
  • Other software issues.

How To Flash Tecno Camon 12 CC7 Using AfterSale or Tecno Flashing tool

If your phone has a problem and you have experienced the above-listed problems on your Tecno Camon 12, then you have the green light to proceed and flash your Tecno Camon 12 CC7 smartphone. Remember resetting a smartphone solves some of the software issues. But where you have tried to hard reset and it is not yielding anything, then it’s clear that you have no otherwise but to flash new Stock ROM on your phone. For this article, I am going to show you how to flash Tecno Camon 12 firmware file and fix whichever software issues you might be encountering. You can also check another article on How to Flash Samsung S7262 Stuck on logo. 


To flash your Tecno Camon 12 or Tecno CC7, there are a number of items you will have to have ready to carry out this procedure. They are as follows:

  • Windows Computer
  • Tecno Camon 12 CC7 (CC7-H626 Firmware file
  • Tecno Flashing tool
  • MTK Drivers
  • USB data cable

Procedure On How To Flash Tecno Camon 12 CC7-H626

Download Tecno Camon 12 flash

The first step you need to make is to first download the firmware file or stock firmware. Remember you need to download the original stock firmware that matches your phone model. Failure to that, flashing the wrong firmware may totally brick your phone. In this case, you need to download the firmware file for Tecno Camon 12 CC7. You can Download Tecno Camon 11 CC7 Firmware file here. After downloading the firmware file, create a folder anywhere on your PC and save it there. Then extract the zip file.

Download Tecno Flashtool or Aftersale Flash tool.

After you have downloaded the correct firmware file, now you need the tool that you are going to use to flash your phone. There are quite a number of tools you can use including Miracle box and SP Flash tool. But I used miracle box and I ended up with the phone failing to load the system because a certain image was not correctly flashed. I tried with the SP flash tool but despite having Tecno Camon 12 DA file, still I got errors. So, the best tool to use to flash Tecno Camon 12 is the Tecno flash tool or also known as the After-sale tool. You can Download Tecno Aftersale tool from the provided link. Extract the zip file on your computer in a folder you can easily locate.

Loading the Tecno Camon 12 CC7 Firmware file on the Aftersale tool

Now, at this point, you have the flash file and the flashing tool. Now it’s time to load the firmware file on the aftersale flash tool. To start, launch the aftersale tool from the folder you had extracted.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\aftersale 1.JPG

To load the firmware file, click on the settings tab, represented with the gear and the spanner. Click on the folder to load the firmware file from the folder you extracted your firmware file

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\aftersale 2.JPG

Load the firmware file by selecting the scatter text file from the firmware file folder you had extracted. Then select “open” to load the files to Tecno flashing tool.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\aftersale 3.JPG

After the firmware file is loaded, the after sale dashboard will display the name of the file you loaded and its folder path as shown below.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\aftersale 4.JPG

Flashing Tecno Camon 12 CC7 Firmware File Using Tecno Flash tool

Now, after the file is correctly loaded, then you are on the right track and at this stage, the remaining thing is to now flash the file to your Tecno Camon 12 smartphone. To do so, click on the Green play button. The files will load and you will see a blue progression bar. Just wait until it is done and you will see the green start buttoned changed to red with “STOP’’ button instead. Now, open the phone from the inside and disconnect the battery. If you flash with the battery in you will get an error. Actually that is what happened when I tried to flash this phone with the battery in. After you have disconnected the battery, now connect the phone to the computer. Aftersale will detect your phone and it will first start formatting the phone and then start writing the firmware as shown below.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\tecno camon 12.JPG

While this process is running, be patient. Remember to put your phone on a stable surface far from interference. In case of any interference, just repeat the process. After about 7 minutes. The process will be completed and you will see DOWNLOAD COMPLETE displayed in green as shown below.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\tecno camon 12. 2JPG.JPG Disconnect the phone from the computer and then connect the battery and now close the phone up. Power up the phone and your phone should boot up and complete the set up process.


This is the easiest process on how to flash Tecno Camon 12 CC7. Try to use this method because other methods will not give you effective results. Remember to follow due process as highlighted in this article. Make sure you download the firmware file that is compatible with your phone. Flashing your phone is a risky affair and might leave you with a bricked phone. Flash your phone at your own risk. Lastly, If you have achieved the best results from the help obtained from this article, kindly don’t forget to give us a thumbs up on our social media platforms and also subscribe to our website to receive exclusive updates as soon as we publish new articles. In case of any question, leave your comment in the comment section or reach me on Facebook. Bye and see you again in our next article.

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