How To Flash Neon Ray J10 Smartphone Stuck On Fastboot.

Hello dear friends. I welcome you ones again to technology sage, where tech meets institution. We are glad to have you back. Thank you so much for the support you’ve been giving us by visiting our website and reading our articles. In today’s article, we are going to learn How To Flash Neon Ray J10 Smartphone Stuck On Fastboot. If you are having your neon Ray J10 stuck on fastboot or one which is dead as a result of attempting to flash a wrong firmware, then certainly you are going to get redemption from this article so, kindly read along. You can also read another article on how to enter recovery mode on Nokia TA1188 Smartphone.

Now, I would like you to know that you are here, the reason why your phone is stuck in fastboot is simply a problem with the software. Sometimes this happens when your phone installs an update. Sometime OTA updates are not stable and have got bugs. Whichever reason that landed you in this problem, we have an antidote for it. Let us look at how to how to flash Neon Ray J10 Smartphone stuck on fastboot.

How to flash Neon Ray J10 Smartphone

The only way to fix this issue is to flash your Safaricom Neon Ray with a Neon Ray Vj10 stock firmware file. In this case, you need to know that this phone is a Spreadtrum smartphone. Most of the Neon Ray versions are built on spreadtrum chipset. For this purpose, you will need Safaricom Neon ray VJ10 pac file to flash your phone with. This will write a new operating system which will overwrite the erroneous firmware on your phone. But before we proceed, let us look at some of the requirements you will need.


  1. Windows PC
  2. Neon Ray J10 Pac firmware file
  3. Research Download tool vr19
  4. USB Data cable.

Now, let us look at the simple steps on how to flash Neon Ray J10 smartphone stuck on fastboot.

Step 1

The very first step here is to download Safaricom Neon Ray J10 Pac file. After that, extract the zip file on your computer using 7 ZIP or WINRAR tool. Make sure that you have extracted your file in the folder you can easily remember. Within the folder, you will see Neon Ray J10 Pac file.

Step 2

Now, since you have downloaded your Neon Ray J10 Pac file, now you need to have a tool you can use to flash this pac file. In this case, you will use Research Download tool V r19. You can download it from the internet for free. After that, just extract the zip file and then run research download tool.

J10 1.JPG

Step 3

Now, on Upgrade Download tool R19 Interface, click the first tab with the big gear cog. Now, navigate to the folder where you extracted your neon ray J10 Pac file. Load it to the Upgrade download tool. It takes some few moments. Wait until your pac file is fully loaded.

J10 1.JPG

Step 4

After your pac file is loaded successfully to research download tool, it is now time to flash your phone. First, click on the “PLAY” button on research download interface. After that, power off your phone, then hold the volume up (VOL +) button. Connect your pone to the computer via USB data cable. Your phone should start flashing immediately. Let the process Finnish until you see “PASSED”

Now disconnect your phone from your PC, remove the battery, place it back and power it on.

Step 4

Wait until the phone completes boot process. Complete the set up procedure and you will be able to use your phone ones again. That is the simplest way on how to flash Neon Ray J10 smartphone stuck on fastboot. Remember this will also erase FRP on your phone so you will not be able to deal with FRP again. Anyway thanks for visiting and see you again next time.

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