How to Choose the Best Cheap Android Tablet within Your Budget

If you are in the market for an Android tablet, then pricing must be one of the aspects you should keep an eye on. The fact that none of us has a limitless budget makes us go for budget options. To find the best cheap Android tablet within your budget, you need to consider the aspects below.

Screen Size

The size of your tablet screen should obviously be a priority of your decision-making process. Android offers tablets in various shapes and sizes from as low as 7 inches all the way to 10 inches and even beyond. Pick a screen size, quality and aspect ratio that fits into your lifestyle and not what’s most popular.


Whatever you do, the lowest amount of memory you should get is 16 gigabytes. Even that is not enough for some users. For the best results, get a low memory tablet with a memory card slot. This will ensure that you can store all the content you want without an issue. Lower tier memory tablets are cheaper than their beefier counterparts.

Camera Quality

Tablets were never meant to take pictures. But with time, they have grown to be commendable shooting devices. Even with that, if you plan on saving yourself money, then forget about having a great camera in a tablet. Even decent tablets have less than average cameras. It is assumed that the tablet is likely not your primary gadget hence you can do with an average camera.

Processing Power

In this regard, processing power refers to the amount of RAM and the processor’s clock speed. For most tablets, the amount of RAM needed is just about one gigabyte. Also, a base clock speed of 1GHz is enough for most tablets to perform well. The latest versions of the Android operating system have been optimized to perform on devices with lower specs.


The software on your device will also determine what type of gadget you will have in terms of usability. For the best experience, go for a tablet with at least Android 5 and above. This way, you will enjoy better user experience made possible by system optimizations from Google.

With all the good quality specs in place, the big question is, how much are you willing to spend, in order to get your dream gadget? Most buyers capitalize on discounts offered by various merchants and yet finding these discount offers is in itself a strenuous task. What if there was a place you could get all the discount codes on the go? Such is the service offered by, it has a wide range of Smartphone and technology retailers offering discount codes. Using these will guarantee you cut the costs even further on the below recommendations.

Some Recommendations on the Best Cheap Android Tablet within Your Budget

Among the tablets on budget one can go for include;

This awesome tablet costs just $49.99 making it the cheapest value for money you can get.

For just $99.99, you get yourself a very decent device with the full suite of Amazon capabilities.

This one may be more than $200 but it comes with many features found in its more expensive siblings.

If you are like most people, your technical life revolves around Android and Windows. With the Chuwi Hi10 Pro, you get a tablet that runs both Windows 10 and Android for all your tasks.

These are but a few of the names you should consider.

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