How To Enter Recovery Mode On Nokia TA1188 Smartphone

Hello dear readers. Welcome again to technology sage website, your number one tech website. In this article, I am going to show you how to enter recovery mode on Nokia TA1188 Smartphone. Welcome again and let us all read together. If you have ever had this phone and wanted to factory reset it, then you will agree with me that it is quite a piece of work. When resetting all other Android phones, all you got to do is to reboot it into recovery menu and perform a factory reset from there. But with this phone, there is only one challenge. The challenge here is to enter into recovery mode. Before we proceed further, you can also read my other article on Tecno F1/F1 Pro FRP bypass without DA. Otherwise, let us proceed.

If you want to hard reset your Nokia TA1188 Smartphone, the as I mentioned earlier, the challenge is getting to recovery mode to wipe factory settings. This phone, just by a combination of keys, does not enter into recovery mode. However much you try. To reset this phone, we need to get it into recovery mode. Let us see how to enter recovery mode on Nokia TA1188 Smartphone

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Nokia TA1188 to Wipe Factory Data

Now, we need to get this phone into recovery mode. To do so, first, we will look at some of the items and tools we need to perform this exercise.


  1. Windows Computer/Laptop
  2. TFM Tool
  3. USB Data cable.
  4. Fastboot drivers installed.

Simple steps on how to enter recovery mode on Nokia TA1188

After making sure that you have the above listed requirements, it is time to put everything into action. Ready? Let us start with the simple steps on how to enter recovery mode on Nokia TA1188 Smartphone

Step 1

Now, the very first step is as simple as all others. Start by downloading our tool. In this case we are using TFM tool. TFM tool has got a lot of features you can use to unlock your Android Smartphone. Download TFM tool pro from this link, extract the zip file and install the tool. NOTE: Your computer needs to be connected to the internet in order to launch this tool.

Step 2

Now, what we want to do is enter the recovery menu through Fastboot mode. You need to boot your phone into fastboot mode. To both Nokia TA1188 Smartphone into fastboot, power off your phone, connect your phone to the PC via USB data cable. Hold both volume down and power button. Release both buttons as soon as you see “fastboot mode” at the bottom side of your phone.

Step 3

As soon as your Nokia 2.2 connects into fastboot mode, you should hear a connection sound on your PC. Now, you have to make sure that the fastboot drivers are ok. To check, open the Device manager. Under device manager, you will see your phone connected with the fastboot drivers.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\TA1188 1.JPG

If you don’t see it or you see a caution mark indicated, and then repeat the process. If still no change, update the fastboot drivers or manually install fastboot drivers. For manual driver installation, you can check our article on how to install drivers on windows 10 PC/Laptop. Otherwise, if everything is ok, move to the next step.

Step 4

Now, with your phone connected in fastboot, go to your TFM tool you launched in step 1 above. On the TFM interface, click on “ADB and Fastboot” tab. Under that, select “Fastboot” and then now select “Reboot to recovery option” Now, your phone will boot into recovery with an Android logo down.


Step 5

After your phone gets into recovery with an Android logo lying down, use the power button and the volume up to have your recovery menu list display. After that, select the wipe/reset factory reset option to reset your phone. Reboot your Phone now. That will be it. For FRP, Read my article on how to reset FRP on NOKIA 2.2 TA1188 Smartphone. Anyway, that is the simplest way on how to enter recovery mode on Nokia TA1188 Smartphone


This method has been proven to work by me according to the screenshots shared in this article. TFM tool is a free tool. You will not be required to pay anything to use the tool. Follow the procedures shown in this article to unlock this phone for free. Lastly, if you find it helpful what we bring to you, kindly don’t just leave without a token of appreciation to us. Follow us on social media through Facebook and Tweeter and also remember to join our forum and subscribe to our website to receive exclusive updates as soon as we publish our articles. Otherwise, thank you and see you in the next article.

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