How To Bypass FRP on Samsung A10/A10S Without SIM CARD

Hello readers. Welcome to our website. I know almost everyone is aware of how bypassing FRP on Samsung A10S Smartphone is quite a menace. The only one we both know which entails the use of the SIM card method is a nightmare. Personally, I have had a very bad experience with the method. First, it is tedious. Secondly, it needs precision and lastly, it is time-consuming and very unreliable. You got to be bold enough to just master it. But not anymore. Today I am bringing you the good news on How to Bypass FRP on Samsung A10S without the SIM card method.

Until the moment I am writing this article, there is no definite flashing box that supports bypassing FRP on Samsung SM J107 and other latest Samsung series. At least, not any that I know of. The methods of bypassing FRPM on these latest Samsung series are quite limited. Most Samsung smartphones operate on the QUALCOMM chipsets; therefore it is hard to find a flashing tool that can do this work on this particular chipset. The other methods you can try to bypass FRP On Samsung A10S Without SIM CARD is using the combination file method, which requires that you find a compatible combination file for your phone, flash it, then after that flash the firmware file which still should be compatible with the combination file you flashed. If you are interested, you can also check my other article on how to bypass FRP on Samsung J700 smartphone

Latest Method on How to bypass FRP on Samsung A10S without SIM CARD

The greatest challenge if you are using the manual method to bypass FRP on Samsung is to get to the internet to download the right apps to sign in to a different Google account. That is the biggest challenge. But what if we get a tool that can just put us right where we want to be? That can really be easier. I am going to show you How to bypass FRP on Samsung A10S without SIM CARD with the Samsung FRP tool. This tool will automatically open your internet browser so that you can proceed to download the required tools to sign in to the Google account. But the easiest way will be to download Quick shortcut maker APK and then go to settings and create a new password or pattern lock.

FRP Bypass on All Samsung with Samsung FRP Tool.

If you have the Latest Samsung and you want to bypass FRP in the easiest way, it can never be so easier than you can imagine with the latest Samsung Galaxy FRP tool. With this tool, you can easily bypass FRP on any latest Samsung series. Use this tool to bypass Google account on Samsung Galaxy SM A107F and other versions. This tool is simple and there is no need of using the time-consuming SIM card method.

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The following are the things you will be required to have in order to bypass FRP on Samsung Galaxy SM A107F and other latest Samsung smartphones without using the SIM card method. They as follows:

  1. Windows computer
  2. Samsung FRP tool latest. Download the Samsung FRP tool latest version here. It includes the drivers.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Mobile Drivers
  4. Your phone, (The one you want to bypass FRP)should have an internet connection
  5. USB data cable.

How to Use Samsung FRP Bypass Tool to Bypass FRP on Samsung J107F and Other Latest Samsung Models

Step 1

The first step is to make sure that you have downloaded the Samsung FRP tool. After you have finished downloading the Samsung FRP tool, extract it on your PC since it is a zip file. Make sure you have installed the Samsung mobile drivers. If you don’t have or haven’t installed the drivers, you will install them because they are included in the zip file.

Step 2

After you have extracted the zip file in step 1 above, you now need to run the Samsung FRP tool provided in the extracted folder.

C:\Users\abala\Pictures\Samsung FRP tool.PNG

C:\Users\abala\Pictures\Samsung FRP tool 2.PNG

Step 3

After you’ve launched the Samsung FRP tool, connect your phone to the computer via USB Data cable. Now, open device manager. Under your phone driver, update the driver with the one provided in the folder.

After you have manually installed the drivers, make sure that your phone is connected to the internet. Now click on the BYPASS FRP tab. If you are not sure how to install drivers, you can read How to install drivers on Windows 10 PC/Laptop.

C:\Users\abala\Pictures\Samsung FRP tool 2.PNG

Step 4

Considering that the drivers are well installed, the Samsung FRP tool will read your phone and immediately initiate the browser launch on your phone. Click on “VIEW’ to proceed to the internet to finish bypassing FRP.

C:\Users\abala\Pictures\SAMSUNG A10S FRP without sim card.PNG

I will not go into details on what to do past this stage because I assume for you to carry out this exercise then you have some experience in FRP Bypass on Android smartphones. Opening the browser on your phone should give you a head start on How to bypass FRP on Samsung SM A107F without the SIM card procedure.


The most important thing in this process is having the drivers working. Make sure you update the drivers with those ones provided even when they seem okay. If you get errors installing drivers, disable the driver signature first, then reboot your computer and try again. I will work fine. Lastly, this article is only for educational purposes. We will not take any responsibility if you get in trouble with the authorities as a result of the information provided in this article. Thank you for reading. Continue supporting technology sage by subscribing to our blog site to get exclusive articles as soon as we publish them. Also, join our forum to get together with other technology sage users and share content. Thanks and see you again in the next article.

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