How To Exit Test Mode in Windows 10 PC

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Hello guys. Welcome again to your favorite technology blog site. First I would like to say thank you so much for the support you have given us for years. We guarantee you more of our educative posts all the time. Thank you for being part of us. Today, I am going to show you how to exit Test Mode in Windows 10 PC. If you are experiencing this on your Windows computer, then we are going to give you a solution for your problem.

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First of all, this problem usually occurs after you have formatted your Windows 10 PC or reinstalled Windows 10. Many times its tricky to exit Test mode. But don’t worry for I am going to take you through simple steps on how you can go about and exit Test mode on Windows 10 PC.

Steps On How To Exit Or Remove Test Mode On Windows 10 PC Using CMD/Powershell

To exit Test mode on Windows 10 PC, you will be required to use command prompt or simply CMD. First, Run CMD or command prompt as administrator. If you don’t have CMD, you can use Powershell. Just click on the search button on your Windows 10 PC and type in CMD. Right click on CMD and select run as administrator.

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After your command prompt or power shell is on as administrator, now you will need to enter the following command: bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF. You can copy this command and then just paste it in your command line on CMD or your power shell as seen in the screenshot below. You can also check our article on How to Format and Repair External Storage Disk Using Command Prompt on Windows 7/8/10 computer 

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After you have successfully entered that command in your CMD or power shell, that is if you are using power shell instead of CMD, hit the ENTER button on your windows computer keyboard.

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You will see ‘The operation completed successfully.’ On CMD or power shell. This means that test mode is already disabled on your Windows 10 PC. What you need to do is now close the CMD or power shell window and restart your PC.

Your Windows 10 should start up and you will see that test mode is permanently disabled on your windows PC. Thank you guys for reading and your continued support. Check our website for more articles and stay tuned for more new upcoming articles.

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