How to Fix TECNO DP7C PRO tablet stuck on logo problem

Hello technology sagers. In today’s article, I am going to help you on How to Fix TECNO DP7C PRO tablet stuck on logo problem. Problems of hanging in most cases it is a software problem. Which asks for a change in the software. During Smartphone usage, sharing of files and sometimes software updates, software corruption may occur or a bad update may cause your phone to start occasional freezing, hanging and getting into bootloop.

If you are following closely, there are quite a good lot of articles on mobile phone flashing. You can check my article on How to download and Flash Safaricom Neon Ray pro pac firmware. In the mean time, you can read more of our articles but let us proceed on today’s topic about How to Fix TECNO DP7C PRO tablet stuck on logo problem

How to Fix TECNO DP7C PRO tablet stuck on logo problem

Now, as mentioned earlier, bootloops and other software related issues call for only software fixes. So if you are not good in software, then take your phone to a nearby technician to be fixed. But if you are sure it is a software issue then, you can read this article and learn How to Fix TECNO DP7C PRO tablet stuck on logo problem.

Method on How to Fix TECNO DP7C PRO tablet stuck on logo problem

I don’t know how accessible you are to smartphones. For me, I have seen many of this issues. So Iam used to them. One thing you need to know before you proceed to flash a mobile phone, make sure you check your model number correctly and the build number version. If you are not sure about it, never flash a firmware on your phone. Make sure you read the phone’s build number using Miracle box or any other software. You can also read How to root android 6 Marshmallow without a computer. Otherwise, let us proceed with this article.


  1. Windows PC
  2. TECNO DP7C PRO tablet Firmware file
  3. USB Data cable.
  4. Miracle Thunder 2.82 or Alternatively SP Flash tool latest version.

Step 1

Having made sure that the problem you are encountering is not a hardware issue, now you need to follow these steps keenly to solve this problem. The first step is to first download the TECNO DP7C PRO tablet firmware file. Now here, you need to make sure you are Downloading the exact model and built number. In this case, this phone is TECNO DP7C PRO tablet and the built number is DP7C Pro-SGA1-KC07T-C1-L-KE-Safaricom-20160616. Download the TECNO DP7C PRO tablet firmware scatter firmware from this direct link.

But you can download the firmware from link provided. Extract the file you have downloaded from a file path you can easily find.

Step 2

Now, after you have downloaded the file in step 1 above, you now need a tool to flash or write the file to your phone. In this case, if the file you downloaded is a scatter file to be flashed with SP Flash tool, download SP Flash tool latest version. Alternatively, you can use Miracle box tool. In my case, I used Miracle 2.82. If you have a higher version or slightly lower, it should just work fine. For the purposes of this article, I will show a pictorial demonstration using miracle box. Open miracle box tool.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\Originals\Miracle 1.JPG

Step 3

Having launched Miracle box, on the miracle interface, click on the “Write” button. Now, down you will see a folder on the interface. Click on the folder to navigate to the directory you saved your TECNO DP7C PRO tablet firmware you downloaded.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\Miracle 1.JPG

From the folder containing your firmware file, only select the scatter text file then click on “Open” button. You will see the firmware information of the phone displayed on the interface on the right side.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\Miracle 1.JPG

Remember after loading the firmware to the Miracle box flash tool, select the “Format All (Android)” button. This option will remove your EMEI information after flashing. You can write IMEI back after flashing. IF you don’t have Miracle Thunder 2.82, Don’t worry. You can use SP Flash tool. Load the scatter firmware on SP Flash tool, go to “Format” tab, then select “Format all except bootloader” Connect the phone to the computer. SP Flash tool will format your phone. Then proceed to download the firmware partitions to your phone.

Step 4

After the above procedure, the remaining procedure now involves writing your system partitions on your TECNO DP7C PRO tablet. Click on the “Start Button.” Switch off the phone or remove the battery and place it back. Connect your phone to the computer using USB data cable. Don’t hold any key. After connecting, miracle will display the partitions that are contained in the firmware file. Here you can choose which partition to write, that is if you are so specific in writing a certain partition. But in this case, we are writing all the partitions. So, just select OK… Miracle will start writing the files on your phone. Be patient and wait until it is done at 100%.


After writing is complete, disconnect your phone from the computer, power it up. The first boot might take long. Wait until boot is done. Restart your device and skip the initial set up settings. At this point, your touch panel should now be responding to touch as usual.


Make sure to follow the due steps as shown in the article. Make sure that after loading your firmware file, select the “Format All (Android)” option. If you don’t format and just directly write the files, you will still remain with the same problem. After flashing, make sure you write your EMEI or else your phone will not have service. There are articles I did on how to write IMEI on a couple of phones. Check the articles. Thank you and pleas support our work by subscribing to our website to receive updates as soon as we publish them. Also remember to follow us on our Facebook, tweeter and Instagram.


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