How to fix OPPO F5 Young (CPH1725) Automatic Recovery Mode Reboot

Hello dear readers. In today’s article, we are going to look at how to fix OPPO F5 Young automatic recovery mode reboot. If you are encountering this problem with your OPPO F5 Young Smartphone, then worry not for I have a solution for you. In this article, I am going to help you with how to fix this issue. Software issues on many occasions result in your phone behaving in that particular way. But still, you need to be so sure that this problem is a result of a software problem. When I encountered this problem, I had done a factory reset using certain software in order to remove the security lock. That is when I ended up with a recovery mode reboot problem on oppo F5 young.


But there is another reason as to why your oppo f5 young automatically enters recovery mode and again automatically reboots. That may be a problem with a shot on the volume up button or the power button. But if you are so sure that it isn’t, then let us all look at how to fix OPPO F5 Young automatic recovery mode reboot. In the meantime, you can also check my other article about Viwa i6 FRP Bypass Using a Computer.

Oppo F5 CPH1725 Automatic Recovery Mode Reboot Fix.

Now, having made sure that your source of this problem is a software-related problem, let us look at how we can fix it. But before we proceed much further, let us look at a list of the things we shall be required to have.


  1. Windows PC
  2. Oppo F5 Young (CPH1725) Stock firmware file
  3. MTK Auth bypass tool
  4. SP Flash tool
  5. USB data cable

Method on How to Fix OPPO F5 Young CPH 1725 Automatic recovery mode problem

Now, at this point, let us look at the step-by-step procedure on How To Fix OPPO F5 Young CPH 1725 Automatic recovery mode problem

Step 1

At this step, the first thing we shall need to do is to download the OPPO F5 Young CPH 1725 Stock firmware file. It is quite tricky to find one but it is not as hard. You can download Oppo F5 Young CPH 1725 Stock firmware file from this slink. The zip file password is provided from the website from which you will download the file. You can also check out another related article on how to Unlock the Oppo A57T smartphone.

Step 2

Now, after downloading the OPPO F5 Young CPH 1725 Stock firmware file from step 1 above and extracting it, you also need to download another tool called MTK bypass tool. This tool will help you bypass the authentication security since this phone will require auth file to flash the above. Since you don’t have an Auth. File, you will need a tool that will help bypass the authentication since this phone is a secure bootloader phone. Download MTK bypass tool here. Extract the zip file on your computer and install the libusb drivers then start the tool.


Step 3

Now, Extract the sp flash tool. Run it. Load the scatter file from the OPPO F5 Young CPH 1725 Stock firmware file folder. As shown below. I don’t want to go into a detailed explanation of how to use the SP Flash tool. Am assuming you know how to use it and you have technical knowledge in mobile phone flashing.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\oppo F5.JPG

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Step 4

Now, listen carefully. Flashing this phone is not business as usual like the way you flash other MTK phones. Follow this procedure carefully step by step. At this point, do not click on the Download button on the SP Flash Tool. Go to your MTK bypass tool. We had opened it in step 2 above. Click on the BYPASS button.


Now you will see “Waiting for Brom”


Now, power off your Oppo F5, and hold both volume up and volume down simultaneously. Connect your phone to the computer using a USB Data cable. MTK Bypass tool will detect your phone and bypass the Authentication security as shown below.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\NOKIA 1270 2.4 1.JPG

Step 5

Now, you will realize that your phone doesn’t boot up now like it used to do when you insert the USB cable. Now go to the SP Flash tool. Do not remove your phone from the computer. Let it be just as it is at a stable surface. On the sp flash tool, go to “Options”, then select “connections.” Now set everything as shown in the screenshot below.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\oppo F5.JPG

Make sure you select the Baud rate to be 921600. After that, now load the scatter file from the oppo f5 young firmware you extracted.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\oppo F5.JPG


This method is the easiest and as you can see from the screenshots, I have personally tested it myself. If after flashing you still experience the same problem, then you need to check your phone’s buttons for a shot. Also, make sure that your phone matches the model number in this article. Remember in this article, we are using OPPO F5 Young CPH 1725. Thank you for reading and always remember to support my work. Kindly subscribe to our technologysage blog site to receive updates as soon as we publish. Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Also, join others on Technologysage Forum.


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