Viwa i6 FRP Bypass Using A Computer

Hello dear readers. In today’s article, we are going to learn how to bypass FRP on Viwa i6 using a computer. I understand that FRP or factory reset protection is meant o protect Android from theft. But sometimes there is a need to bypass it in situations where you have done a hard reset to your viwa i6, Smartphone and you don’t know what your Google account and password were. So read with me carefully. And kindly note that this article is strictly for educative purposes alone and should not be used for illegal purposes.


Now, let us look at the best and most simple way how to bypass FRP on Viwa i6 using a computer. Usually bypassing FRP on MTK phones is a bit easier for many flashing tools that support MTK chipsets. But with SPD it is quite a different case. Many flashing tools have a problem working with Spreadtrum chipset especially crack tools. But if you are lucky to have a flashing box or dongle, then lucky for you. If you don’t have one, then there are two options. Use manual methods which are so hectic or write a new stock ROM. But now, not anymore. Let us look at how to bypass FRP on Viwa i6 using a computer.

FRP Bypass On Viwa i6 Using A Computer.

Now, we are going to look at the simplest method on how to bypass FRP on Viwa i6 using a computer. In this case, if you don’t have a computer, then this will of course not going to be helpful because you need one. With Viwa 16, the manual method doesn’t work at all. But let us look at some of the requirements you will need to have:


  1. Windows computer or PC
  2. Android Fastboot Reset tool
  3. Fastboot drivers
  4. USB data cable

Method On How To Bypass FRP On Viwa 16 Via Fastboot Method

Now, having met the above requirements, we shall now proceed and learn how to bypass FRP on Viwa i6 using a computer. This time around, we shall be doing it using the Fastboot method. Now, let us look at the steps on how to bypass FRP on Viwa i6 using a computer. You can also read my article on how to solve your driver version is is too low, please upgrade driver fix on SPD upgrade tool

Step 1

The first step, just like the other remaining steps should be easy. Remember we are going to bypass FRP using the Fastboot method. The first step will require that you download the Android Fastboot FRP Reset tool on your PC. Download it from the provided link. Extract it on your PC.


Step 2

Now, that you have the tool, you will need to download the Fastboot drivers for your computer. You can search online for the Android Fastboot drivers that suit your computer’s specification that is, 64bit or 32bit. Install it on your PC. If you don’t know how to install drivers, you can read how to install drivers on Windows 10 PC/laptop.

Step 3

Now, open the folder you extracted your Android Fastboot Reset Tool. Run the Android Fastboot Reset Tool v1.2 application as administrator.


Step 4

Now, it is time to connect your phone to Fastboot mode. To boot your phone in Fastboot, power off your phone, hold both power and volume up (sometimes volume down for some itel phones), wait until the phone powers up, and release the power button. After you enter the recovery menu, select” Reboot to bootloader” and your phone will reboot into Fastboot. Now connect your phone to the pc and open the device manager. Check if your phone is correctly connected and your Fastboot drivers are ok. If it is shown in a yellow warning sign, then update the Fastboot drivers manually again.


Step 5

With your phone connected to the PC, now go back to the Android Fastboot Reset Tool. Down below, enter the number that corresponds with the type of function you want. In this case, we shall select option 9 for SPD FRP reset. Click enter.

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As soon as you click the enter button, your phone will automatically go off and reboot again. You will see this screen below.


Now, after the phone has rebooted, just finish setting up your phone the normal way.

So guys that is it. The simplest method how to bypass FRP on Viwa i6 using a computer. Thank you for reading and see you again in the next article.



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