How to Change WIFI Name On Windows PC/ laptop

Did you know you can Change WIFI Name On Windows PC/ laptop? In this technological era, almost everything is changing to wireless transmission. From Bluetooth to WIFI. Online transactions and infrared emissions and more wireless transactions are reigning the world. Wi-Fi is a wireless network connection that enables devices with a wireless connectivity link together and share data across devices. Read Also: How to view WiFi password on windows 10.

You can share the internet connection with other devices by connecting to a wifi connection. WIFI chips are built in devices like computers, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets. Modern day computers come with wireless wifi chip incorporated. You can connect your PC or laptop to a wifi network and surf the internet or share files with other devices. Today let us learn how to change WIFI name on windows PC/ laptop.

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Change WIFI Hotspot Name on PC Laptop

WIFI connection can be enabled or disabled on wifi devices. Some people tend to live there wifi always on so that it can connect to other hotspots automatically. But it is not the safest thing to do since you never know the risks of joining an unsecured network. To make people around you or your friends identify your network, you can change the name of your WIFI name from a default name to the one that suits you. You can do this on your windows pc or laptop. This is easy. You don’t need to download software for this. I am going to share a simple method on how to change wifi name on windows pc/laptop.

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How To Change WIFI Hotspot Name on PC/Laptop Using Baidu software

Baidu PC software is also known as Baidu Hotspot. This software is easy to use and compatible with windows computers and laptops. You can easily change your hotspot’s name and also change your password as well. You can download it here and install on your PC and laptop. This software enables users to share or transmit wifi network to other wireless devices. You can use this software on both windows 7 and also windows 8. To change wifi name on windows pc and laptop using Baidu hotspot Faster software, Follow the following steps.

  • First, download and install this software on your windows pc or laptop and then run it or open it.
  • On the software’s dashboard or interface, You will see a display of your Network’s name and WIFI password.
  • Now, you can choose whatever you want change, if it’s the password or WIFI name.
  • Now to change the name as in our case we want to change the name, move your mouse cursor on the right beside the WIFI name, on the edit icon (shown like a pen).
  • Click on the edit the name by erasing the existing and keying in with the new name you want to change to. Remember the name has to be 1-32 characters and password is always case sensitive. To create a WIFI network password, I advice you set a strong password that is not easy to guess.
  • After that, just click “OK” button at the bottom. That is done. Other users can see the name of your wifi network as the one you’ve changed.

That is the simplest method on How To Change WIFI name on Windows PC/Laptop. The most efficient and easiest way so far.

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