How to find wifi password on android without root

Today in this article, we want to look at how to find wifi password on android without root. Imagine this: You are sifted in a cafe somewhere, then someone walks in and sits a few meters from you. Then next, your phone vibrates and on checking, you are notified of an active WiFi network. You smile broadly and think that it must be the guy who just got in. You wonder how stupid a man can be to leave his WiFi hotspot ON just in public. You say, “Let me teach him a lesson.” You remember of an old friend you wanted to send your old day’s picture on Facebook. You try to take your chances and see if you might join his hotspot n be lucky he has an active internet connection you can hitch a ride. You can’t stop to wonder how charitable this guy must be. You power your WiFi on and it automatically finds a hotspot. (Most certainly his.) Then, you are hit with something you didn’t want… His hotspot shows a padlock sign. Meaning it is secured and you can’t join his WiFi hotspot! You sip the remaining tea in your cup and leave. Read Also: How to Access WiFi for Free without Password on Android Phone.

Such scenarios are common to any smartphone user and at some point, it must have happened to you. It can also happen that you can pass around a building, a shop or around an institution with a WiFi network that is protected and which you can not connect to without a key. It becomes disappointing. Today, we’ll learn how to find WiFi password on an android phone without root capabilities enabled on your phone.find wifi password on android without root

Find WiFi password on android with apps.

There are hundreds of WiFi hacking apps available on Google play store. Sadly, many of them are developed for prank purposes and will not give you any substantial results. Here at Technology sage, we have come up with a few reliable apps that will actually work out for you in one way or another. If one doesn’t work out for you, you can try another on the list. Let’s start: Read Also: How to Get Someone’s Account Password through Phishing on the Same WiFi

Wifi password: Wifi password is one beautiful crafted app developed to fetch you results. This app infiltrates through any vulnerable WiFi network. WiFi password fetches the password from the settings of the wireless network, memorizes it and brings it back to you within no time. You can use the acquired password to sagely log into the target wireless network. The best thing about this app is that it will notify you whenever the password to the rooter has been altered and will provide you with a new password.

WiFi password breaker: Just like its name, WiFi password breaker is the ultimate app to get WiFi password of an open WiFi either from a WiFi router, or a public WiFi network. This app breaks into a WiFi network with ease to fetch you its password in real time. Easy and faster. It is an app you have to try out. It’s one among the best. WiFi password breaker uses ‘SSH-1a’ algorithm to break WPA, PPA, WPA1 passwords. It still will provide you with a new password in case the network password has been altered by the wireless network’s admin.

Router Keygen: Router keygen is a wireless key generation app for wireless routers. Router keygen is developed to break into wireless routers by manipulating WiFi network of the router to fetch encryption password of the target WiFi router. It is highly recommended that alongside Router keygen, use Android WiFi hacker tool while in a big city so as to have higher chances of finding a number of the vulnerable network with routers which are supported by Routers which are Router Keygen database supported.

WiFi hack pass premium: This app is a WiFi manipulation tool you can count on. It has the capabilities of manipulating and cracking a WiFi network which is secured. This app was created to be simple and hustle free to any user. Ones it is on your phone, all you have to do is open the app and allow it to do the job on its own. WiFi hack pass premium will search, identify the available vulnerable networks and manipulate them, crack their passwords and bring it right to you.

Wps connect: This one is also one of the few WiFi password cracking apps you can count on. Just like other similar apps, it identifies available manipulatable WiFi networks, cracks their passwords for and enables you to log into those networks with the provided keys. This app needs you to have a rooted phone. (For various ways on how you can root your phone, check our previous articles. We have provided directives on how to root various versions of Android.) One advantage of this app is that WPS connect gives you the ability to even remove devices connected to the same network.

Now, having given you those tips, its time to try those apps and learn how to find WiFi password on android phone without root. Check our next articles for more technology tricks and mobile phones tweaks.

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