How to Change the IP Address of computer or laptop to a static IP

In playing about with devices, the Sages have to know How to Change the IP Address of computer or laptop. To this effect, I am adding this to your ‘vocabulary’ or docket. You may have your reasons for wanting to change the IP address of your computer though in most cases is for security reasons. In My previous article I touched on the complications of android security patterns, pins and passwords and How to Unlock Android Pattern, password and pin lock without losing data in case you input too many wrong patterns.  This procedure however involves switching from the default IP address to a static IP address. Before I proceed, be warned that changing IP may be prohibited in some countries. This is meant for educational purposes only and it should not be used for illegal acts. I will be doing this on Windows 10 but the same procedure will apply for the other versions of windows.

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How to Change the IP Address of computer or laptop to a static IP

Before we dive deep, be aware that we are connected an internet connection whether wireless (WiFi – Wireless Fidelity) or LAN (Local Area Network). You can also Change the IP Address of computer or laptop by merely switching between networks. Although this method is not as effective. For a more concrete one, proceed as follows.


How to Change the IP Address of computer or laptop










  1. Go to the control Panel then tap on Network and Sharing center then click on ‘Change adapter settings.’
  2. In the window that appears, right click on the network adapter that you are connected on and click on properties
  3. A pop-up window will appear, click on Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) 
  4. You will note that it is set to automatically obtain IP address. Switch to ‘Use the following IP address. Before you assign an IP address, you have to check and make sure that we don’t assign an IP address that someone else has and also check the subnet mask that you are using otherwise you wont be able to communicate with anyone. Therefore leave this window open and proceed as below.
  5. Run command prompt as an administrator and once it open up, type in ipconfig and hit enter.
  6. Copy the values in the Subnet Mask and the ones of Default gateway into the field on the pop-up window in step 4 above. Note the last values of the subnet mask, if for example, it means you can change the last two ‘columns’ of your IP address because of the zeroes. Such that if your IP is you can change the last two values ie, 145 and 115. But is the Subnet mask has only one zero at the end, that is,, it means only the last part of the IP address can be change. In the preceding example of an IP address of, we can only change 115.
  7. Once you are aware of how may you can change, input the value of the IP address into the pop-up excluding the ones you intent to change. Lets pretend that in the above example your subnet mask was then in this case enter the IP address as 192.233.145 and leave the last three values (115) because we will change them.
  8. Now go back to Command prompt and run ipconfig/all to get the DNS server and input it into the ‘Preferred DNS server field. Leave the alternate DNS server field blank.
  9. The last part is now to assign the last three digits of the IP address in step 7 above. Say for example you want to replace the 115 in our previous example with 199. To use this effectively, you have to check to ensure that no one else is using that IP address. Here is how to check,,
  10. Go back to the command prompt and type in ping and hit enter. Note that I replaced the 115 in the original IP with 199. When doing your on test, remember to use the correct figures as derived from your system. If you don’t get a reply after hitting enter, it means that no one is using that IP address. But this is not usually 100% right because if their firewall is turned on it will block any ping requests anyway. There is a way around this.
  11. In the command prompt type in arp -a and hit enter. If you ping somebody in the previous step and don’t get a reply assuming someone has that IP address and that their firewall is turned on, they cannot hid from an arp request which tells us the hardware to IP address link.
  12. Check the list that appears after running the command in 11 above and note if you see the IP address in the list. If it is there, it means that someone else is using that IP address, you are required tho replace the 199 with a different number and try the test again.
  13. Assuming you did not see the IP address in the list, then it means no one is using the IP and that you can go ahead and use it. In this case go ahead to the pop-up in step 7 and fill in the last three digits as 199 and Click OK to save it.

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That is How to Change the IP Address of computer or laptop. In case you have issues, suggestions, concerns or queries, do feel free to raise them in the comment box below and we will respond. Enjoy your Freedom 🙂

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