How To Bypass Google Account On Samsung Smartphone After Reset Without A Computer.

Have you ever faced a situation where you are required to go through factory protection? We shall look at How to bypass factory protection from Samsung Smartphone. So if you have ever been caught in such a bad situation, then this article might be your breakthrough. Read Also: Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S6810P to XXAMAA Android 4.1.2 official firmware

Samsung is a mobile brand that many people have lived with envy and covet for many years. Not because it can perform magic, but because of the commendable craftsmanship that was invested in various features that come with Samsung Smartphone. Their sleek design, shape, new features and above all, the superb Super AMOLED architecture used on these phones, make them just standing tall among others. Personally, I like Samsung and it is, without doubt, a very nice mobile brand and I believe I have many of the same opinions.Bypass Google Account On Samsung Smartphone After Reset

With the quite dynamic Google Android update, Google has now incorporated more advanced security patches in its recent Android Operating System updates. These security patches are very important to curb the security of your phone for it has FRP (Factory Reset Protection) which prevents someone from using your phone when it is stolen. Read Also: What are best alternatives to Samsung Galaxy S8?

This is how FRP works. Say someone has stolen your phone and you had a security lock. The first thing a thief will do is to do a hard reset. After that, your phone will become as new as it comes from the dealer and therefore can be used. But FRP protects your phone from such situations by prompting the user to provide a Google account that was previously used on the phone. This is where he will get stuck. But we are people and we are prone to forgetting. Or in se cases, you can buy a phone from someone whom you are not in contact then they forget to give you the Google account details. This will leave you devasted and rooted. However much you perform a hard reset, you will not go through the FRP. The good news is we have a way to solve that. Let us look at it.

How To Bypass Google Account Frp On Samsung Smartphone Without A Pc.

FRP nightmare begins haunting you immediately after hard reset. At first, you will start going through the procedure will a lot of hope of finishing the Google account set up only to be hit by the reality almost to the finish line! To start,

  1. First, start by choosing the language in the first screen.
  2. Secondly, proceed to the next screen where you will be prompted to join a wifi network. You can create a wifi hotspot using another phone or join a home wifi network.
  3. After that, of course hoping that the hotspot you are connected to has got internet because you need to be connected to the internet, now proceed to the next screen where you will be required to input the Google account previously on the phone.
  4. Now, press the home button three times to prompt a voice to text setting. Now, enable it. Then now draw a letter “L” on the screen with your finger the same way you swipe a lock screen.
  5. You will immediately see a Text to Speech settings option. Disable it by pressing the home key three times.
  6. Now, using the “Back” button, you will be presented with settings to your phone.
  7. Then now scroll and go to user manual option and you will see a browser then open it. In the search bar, key in “Samsung Galaxy apps”.
  8. Now using this link: As soon as you get through into that website, tap the Samsung galaxy apps logo.
  9. Now, go to Samsung apps site and search for UC browser and click “Download.” This will prompt you to sign in to your Samsung account. If you have one, just log in. If you don’t have one, create one and sign in. UC browser will now start downloading. Wait until it is fully downloaded then install it. Now in the UC browser search bar, enter After entering this website, download the following two apps: Android 6 Google Account Manager.apk and FRP bypass-1.0.apk
  10. After downloads are complete, find your downloaded files in the “DOWNLOADS” in UC browser. Install these files in a sequence of Android 6 Google Manager.apk followed by FRP bypass-1.0.apk. Since these are third-party apps, you will have to allow installation of unknown source apps in the setting.
  11. Now, after installing FRP bypass-1.0.apk, open it. Upon opening it, you will be asked to retype the password. At the top right Conner, you will see three dots. Tap on them and then you will see “Browser Sign in.” Now, you are almost done. This is now the part we have been working hard to get at.
  12. Now, Input your Google account and the password if you have one. If you don’t have one, tap “Create Account” to create a new one.
  13. Now, long press the power button and restart your phone.

Follow the steps like it was previously at the start. Select the language, Join a wifi hotspot and then proceed to input the new account you have created and follow the next steps to finish the setup. And that’s How To Bypass Google Account On Samsung Smartphone After Reset Without A Computer. Keep it here for more amazing tutorials.

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