Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S6810P to XXAMAA Android 4.1.2 official firmware

The Samsung Galaxy Fame S6810P is still a decent smartphone even by the standards of today. Now, you can even make the device better with an upgrade to XXAMAA Android 4.1.2 official firmware by following a few simple instructions. The S6810PXXAMAA is a unique firmware update since it unbranded meaning that it does not come with carrier apps. Well, who doesn’t want a clean interface with their device? Read Also: What are best alternatives to Samsung Galaxy S8?

In the tutorial below, the steps to the upgrade are shown. But, before that, one needs to be aware of exactly what they are doing by upgrading the firmware. You will be installing a custom ROM on your device and there is always the risk that you could make a mistake leading to the bricking of your device. Neither Samsung nor us or even the other third-party creators of this software will be liable to such a loss. Basically, installing a custom ROM is another phrase to mean rooting your device. Besides the bricking risk, there is also the fact of voiding your warranty and having a less secure device. However, the benefiting of rooting a device are many.Samsung Galaxy S6810P upgrade

Details of the firmware



Date: 2013 February

Version: 4.1.2

Regions: Belgium, Austria, France, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom

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USB drivers

Given that this process will require you to connect your Samsung Galaxy Fame to your computer, you will need to have USB the needed USB drivers exact to your device. Find the drivers for the Samsung Galaxy Fame here.

Making backups of your data

Although this method has been successfully carried out on many different devices, you never know what happens with installing a custom ROM. It is thus safe to back up the data you hold dear.

  • Back up your messages
  • Back up your apps
  • Back up your google data with Google Sync
  • Back up your WhatsApp messages
  • Back up your call history
  • Back up your APN Settings such as 3G, GPRS, MMS Settings etc.

You may also use Samsung KIES to back up your data.

Other preparation points

  • Enable USB Debugging on your device for this to work.
  • Have the battery of the phone fully charged.
  • Ensure that you only try this tutorial on a device that is unlocked from a carrier.

Upgrade Galaxy Fame S6810P to XXAMAA Android 4.1.2 official firmware

  1. Start by downloading the Android 4.1.2 S6810PXXAMAA for your Galaxy Fame.
  2. Download the ODIN v1.85 software.
  3. Switch off your device and start it in developer mode by pressing the Home and Volume Down button then combine it with the power button.
  4. The Galaxy Fame USB drivers should be installed on your computer as you connect the two devices with a USB cable.
  5. Open ODIN on your computer and wait till you see one of the ID:COM boxes turn yellow with COM port number.
  6. With the files you stored in a file on your phone, select PDA and choose on the CODE file.
  7. Choose the ‘Phone’ option then find the MODEM file (if it’s there).
  8. Choose CSC and find the CSC file (if it’s there).
  9. Choose PIT and find the .pit file (if it’s there).
  10. Check the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options in ODIN. Only check the Re-Partition option if the .pit file was chosen above.
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Click on the start button in ODIN and wait as the installation process takes place. When it’s done, the device will restart to show that the installation process is successful.