How To Bypass FRP on Samsung J700 Smartphone

Hello dear readers. Welcome again to our blog site. In today’s article, I am going to show you how to bypass FRP on Samsung J700 smartphone. As mentioned in my other articles, FRP is a Google initiative to protect all Android 5 smartphones and later from falling into unauthorized hands in case they are lost. FRP simply stands for Factory Reset Protection. In case someone steals your phone, the first thing they usually do is to remove the SIM card. Switch the phone off and then perform a hard reset. But Google came up with FRP to protect Android from such unauthorized use of your phone in case it is lost. Please feel free to check my other article on How to Remove FRP on Safaricom VFD 320 Using Miracle Box

When you perform a hard reset, the moment your phone boots up, you will be required to enter the Google account initially on the phone. But sometimes we create accounts we can’t memorize. This article is only for educational purposes. If you have a Samsung J700 smartphone and you are unfortunately stuck on Google account, then this article is meant to help you. I will show you how to bypass FRP on Samsung J700 smartphone using a computer.

Samsung J700DS FRP Bypass Using A Computer With Samsung Z3X Tool.

I am going to show you how to bypass FRP on Samsung J700 using a computer and Samsung Z3X flashing tool. If you don’t have a computer, then you will have to find another way on how you can bypass the FRP on Samsung J700 smartphone.

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Requirement For Bypassing FRP On Samsung J700 With Z3X

For this process, you need to have the following requirements:

  1. Windows Computer
  2. Samsung Z3X v2.95 (Crack or Box if you have one)
  3. USB Data cable
  4. Technical computer flashing knowledge.

Step 1

Now, as I said earlier, this process is only for those with Computer and Samsung Z3X too. If you have a Samsung Z3X box, then it’s good for you. If you don’t have a Z3X box, all is not lost for you. You can use the Samsung Z3X crack tool. Launch the Samsung Z3X tool and under the models, scroll until you find the SM J700H/DS model as shown below

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\Samsung z3.JPG

Step 2

Now after selecting your Samsung model number on the models list, now move to this step. And remember to check underneath the battery for the correct model number. For J7, there is J700F, J700F/DS, J700H, J700H/DS, J700K, J700M, J700M, and many others. Now go to the UNLOCK tab.

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C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\J700FDS 3.JPG

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Step 3

Now on your Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone, switch it off or remove the battery and place it back. Boot the phone into download mode. To boot Samsung J700 into Download mode, hold the Volume Down, Home key, and power buttons simultaneously. When the next screen appears, press the volume up button to enter the download mode as shown below

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Downloads\http___www.galaxys6manuals.net_wp-content_uploads_2015_10_enter-download-mode-on-samsung-galaxy-s6.jpg

Step 4

Now after you have put your Samsung Galaxy J700 into download mode, connect it to the PC using the USB data cable. Now, back on the Z3X tool, under the actions tab, click on the Reset FRP/React/EE button on the right side. Z3X tool will automatically connect to your phone and remove FRP or Google account.

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\J200H DS FRP.JPG

Disconnect your phone from the computer, remove the battery, place it back, and power your phone ON. Your phone will take some time to boot up. Relax and give it time. It should eventually boot up normal without FRP or Google account. Thanks all for reading. See you again in the next one. If you need the tool, kindly contact me.