How To Revive Dead Tecno Y2 8+512+A3 Clone smartphone.

Hello, our dear readers. Welcome ones again to the technology sage website. Today, I am going to show you How To Revive Dead Tecno Y2 8+512+A3 Clone smartphone. Ok, you might think that this is a problem that cannot be undone, but guess what, it can be done and this article of ours is going to help you on How To Revive Dead Tecno Y2 8+512+A3 Clone smartphone. If you are having Tecno Y2 clone smartphone and it is dead after flashing, then sit tight. I am going to show you how to fix this problem. Also, check my article on How To Fix Tecno Spark 5 Mini Clone Stuck on Android Robot

Many times we are always facing problems in Android devices. Even if you have a new gadget, it will one day run into problems. I am not a prophet of doom but, yes, it happens. When android software issues come knocking, many times the last resolution is to flash a new stock ROM. But if we are not careful, bad things can happen and we end up with a bricked phone.

How To Revive Dead Tecno Y2 8+512+A3 Clone smartphone after flashing.

If you have tried to flash Tecno Y2 8+512+A3 smartphone and after that, it is not doing anything, then chances are that it is dead. If it is not charging or booting up even after successfully being flashed, then unfortunately you are holding in your hands a bricked Tecno Y2 clone phone. I know it is the worst feeling of despair and confusion. You keep asking yourself why and what could be the problem. Personally I have gone through that and I know what it means. But worry not. For I m going to show you How to Revive Dead Tecno Y2 8+512+A3 Clone smartphone.

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Requirements To Revive Dead Tecno Y2 8+512+A3 Clone smartphone.

Luckily, there is a way you can revive a dead Tecno Y2 Clone dead after flashing. The following are some of the material you will be required to have for the success of this process:

  1. Windows computer (Windows 7 and above)
  2. Tecno Y2 8+512+A3 firmware. You can download it from this link.
  3. SP Flash tool or you can use CM2 or miracle box if you want.
  4. USB data cable
  5. Technical mobile flashing skills.

Step 1

  • Now, the time for grieving is over. Put down your phone and get to work. The first step on how to Revive the Dead Tecno Y2 8+512+A3 Clone smartphone is to first download Tecno Y2 Stock Rom from the link provided above. The reason why your phone is dead in the first place is that you didn’t check the original built number and therefore you flashed a wrong or incompatible firmware. After you’ve downloaded the flash file, extract it into a folder on your computer

Step 2

  • Now, after you are done with step 1 above, now you have the flash file. You now need a tool to flash your phone. If you are having CM2 or Miracle box tools, then you can go ahead and use them. In this article, we are going to use SP Flash tool software. There are many versions available. SP Flash tool is free software. Download the latest SP Flash tool software here in this link. Just like in step 1 above; extract it using 7Zip or WINRAR and open the SP Flash tool application as shown below.

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\SP.JPG

Step 3

  • I don’t know if you have ever used the SP Flash tool before, if you have ever used it, then from here onwards, it should be a walk in the park. But if you have never used it before, then follow me. Now on the SP Flash tool dashboard, click on the CHOOSE folder. Navigate to the folder you extracted your Tecno Y2 firmware file you downloaded in step 1. Select the scatter text and click on OPEN. All the files will be loaded on the Sp Flash tool. Check also our article on How to Access WIFI for Free Without Password on Android

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\SP.JPG

Step 4

  • Now until this step, you are on the right path. Your phone is just about to get fixed in a few minutes time. Now, on the SP Flash tool dashboard, click on the DOWNLOAD button. Now, the SP Flash tool is ready to write the software to your smartphone’s internal memory. Now on your phone, remove the back cover and remove the battery then place it back. Alternatively, you can just remove the battery and flash your phone without the battery. With the sp flash tool waiting for your phone, connect your phone to the computer via USB data cable. You will hear the connection sound as your device connects to your PC. SP Flash tool will immediately read your Smartphone’s internal S RAM and start downloading the flash file to the phone. Wait until download is done and you see a green checkmark on the dashboard.

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\TECNO Y2  8+512+A3.JPG

Step 5

  • After flashing is done successfully, disconnect your phone from the computer; place the battery back that is if you had flashed without the battery inside. If you did flash with the battery inside, remove the battery and place it back, hold the power button to power your phone up. I know this is the moment you are waiting with bated breath, but of course, you should be happy when your phone comes on with the TECNO logo. Wait. Be patient as it takes some minutes for the phone to finish booting up since it must load the new stock ROM. It should be done after a few minutes and you should be having your phone working again. That is How To Revive Tecno Y2 8+512+1 Clone smartphone Dead after flashing.


Now, I have personally gone through this agony and I know how it feels that Is why I have come up with this article. The mistake I did is that I didn’t check the firmware version currently on the phone before flashing which means I ended up flashing the wrong ROM. In the future, try to check the original firmware. You can check this from the recovery menu when you try to do a hard reset. Or if you have Miracle Box, you can read the phone’s information and see the mobile id. Anyway, I hope this article has helped you greatly. Kindly remember to subscribe and share. If you have any issues, kindly let me know in the comments section. Bye.

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