Automate FTP Transfers and Streamline Your Day

If you need to work with files over a remote FTP server on a daily basis, you will already be familiar with the tiresomeness of using a basic FTP client. Such programs provide no ability to synchronize files between the local computer and remote server and automate FTP transfers to save you time. Instead of getting the job done quickly, you normally have to browse manually to each individual file you want to upload, download or update and do so individually. Additionally, the typical freeware FTP client is not usually a very responsive program, making it even more irritating and cumbersome to work with. Additionally, without the ability to automate such processes and ensure that all files are kept current at all times, the risk of human error is significantly higher. However, in order to save time and minimize the risk of losing important data, FTP Getter 3 Professional presents a tried and tested solution.

How to Automate FTP Transfers

Automate FTP Transfers

Anyone who regularly has to access files on a remote FTP server and keep all content on it updated probably does not have time to carry out all of the necessary work manually. Instead of focussing on such things that are now completely unnecessary, you should be able to focus on core operations within your business. Of course, every business also knows that time is money, but you’re wasting both if you’re still stuck with the traditional FTP client.

FTP Getter 3 Professional allows users to save countless hours by automating almost all of the work involved while also ensuring that both locally and remotely hosted files are kept up to date at all times. At the same time, you will always remain in control thanks to the wide range of functions and options available when setting up scheduled tasks. There are many customization options but, thanks to a simple, wizard-driven interface, setting up a scheduled task is a quick and easy process requiring a minimal learning curve.

For anyone who has any experience using a standard FTP client, the user interface of FTP Getter 3 Professional will be instantly familiar, so there’s no learning curve involved. Thanks to the intuitive interface, setting up tasks is a breeze as is manually working with files on your remote FTP server. When configuring a scheduled task, you’ll be able to specify intervals when you want the program to get to work. For example, you can have it check for new file creations or modifications once per day, once per hour or even more. The program can then upload, download and replace the files as necessary to make certain that they are both the most recent versions. Thanks to additional support for file masks, you can also configure your scheduled tasks to search only for files of specific formats, ignoring those that don’t meet your criteria in the process.

FTP Getter 3 Professional presents the most cost-efficient and thorough program available for anyone who needs to automate FTP Transfers and SFTP transfers. It’s much faster than any desktop- or Web-based client, and you’ll start seeing the benefits of the program as soon as you execute your first scheduled task.

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