Everything About the Casumo App – A Thorough Review

This review of the Casumo application covers all the crucial aspects of this new sports wagering platform. Read it to discover the background of the bookmaker, the features of the app, and other details.

Everything About Casumo Download App – A 2022 Review

Even though new sportsbooks launch almost every week, most of them are not usually interesting to punters. Most of such websites and applications are not as comprehensive at launch as the players need them to be, so they do not pay as much attention to fresh platforms.

That makes the case of the Casumo app rather special, as this wagering platform became popular the minute it launched. In the article, both the reasons behind such a spike in the popularity of the app and the background of the provider will be reviewed.

What Is Casumo?

Fans of online gambling from all around the world already know the answer to this question. Casumo is a super-successful online casino that accepts players from dozens of countries. It became a massively popular choice for players who do not have decent gambling sites in their local areas.

Casumo Casino has a long history of operating: the site launched ten years ago, and still manages to maintain a perfect reputation. Aside from its regular advantages, a notable detail is that the team of Casumo Casino has always been eager to resolve all the issues of its players. Many gambling sites do not care about their users as much, which allows this casino to stand out from the crowd.

Directly, it has nothing to do with the sportsbook, as it is a different service, after all. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to assume that the Casumo wagering app will have the same quality as the gambling one, and so far, it has managed to meet such expectations.

The support team of the casino has always been great, and it is the same team that is now also working with sportsbook tickets. Moreover, the same people are now handling complaints on independent platforms for the Casumo betting app. It is important, as it is another strong advantage of the casino: its team has always been reacting to such complaints publicly and contacting the players to help them resolve any issues they had with the gambling site.

How Did the Launch Go?

The first days after the new Casumo app’s launch left rather ambiguous impressions. The operator clearly did not expect such a hype for its new platform, which led to some technical issues related to the server’s being overloaded by new users. Credit where credit’s due, it only took a couple of days for the team to fix the technical issues.

It is worth mentioning, as the challenge here was rather unique. Most sportsbooks that have such issues face a decrease in the number of new users, as the players see the platform isn’t working properly and move on. With Casumo, the demand was only growing, so the technical team of the sportsbook had to deal with a constantly expanding load on the servers. The first players enjoyed the Casumo app even with its imperfect performance, so there is no surprise the users who joined once everything was fixed loved the platform even more.

Key Features of the Casumo App

The sportsbook has managed to exceed all the expectations regarding its features. In these terms, it was one of the best launches in many years, as it was a brand new application that had all the modern features available right away. Of course, the team behind the Casumo app will need some more time to enhance their platform, but it is already clear that the progress will be impressive, and most players are thrilled to see how far they can go.

Everything Related to Bets

As sports wagering is the main reason the Casumo app is downloaded, there are some points that have to be mentioned. Firstly, the program supports pre-match betting and live wagering, which is already an industry-standard. The coverage for these events is quite average, but it is a lot better than the players were expecting from a brand new platform.

The second point relates to the betting markets offered in the sportsbook. For each match, both in live and pre-match categories, there are dozens of markets to choose from. It is important to keep in mind that it is still a new app, so there is still some room for improvement here.

Last but not least, there are several betting options supported by the Casumo app. A punter can make single wagers as well as multiple types of combined bets. The latter type of wagers only features the most fundamental options, but it positively affects the app’s usability.

Is it worth getting a Casumo download in 2022?

The answer to that question should be individual for each player. Some users will prefer to choose a platform that offers more features today. Others will choose the Casumo app because of the huge potential it has. Some day it may become the best wagering platform in the market, so some users will choose to get on early.


Of course, the application also offers all the essential features related to interacting with your balance. The players can always access the cashier, as it is pinned on the main menu of the Casumo app. Much like with all the other parts of the program, it is a sheer pleasure to interact with its banking system.

Firstly, it is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. Even in case it is your first sportsbook, you will instantly understand how the cashier works. Secondly, the system is based on the cashier of the Casumo Casino, which enables it to accept lots of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals.


As any other sports wagering software for mobile devices, Casumo offers a set of promotions available right from the app. Right now, the list of deals is not as wide as in some other sportsbooks, but there are still some offers to benefit from.

Right now, it is uncertain, in which direction the bonus program of Casumo will be developed. It may either turn out to be similar to the bonus program of the casino, where you can grab large bonuses with rather strict terms. Or, it might be more loyal to the sports wagering traditions, where the bonuses are smaller and come on more comfortable terms.


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