How to Root Lava Xolo A500 android phone

Before we head straight to the order of the day, which is How to root Lava Xolo A500, here is a brief overview of the device in question. Lava Xolo A500 is an Android phone powered with 1 GHz dual core Qualcomm snapdragon Processor. This gadget is manufactured by Lava mobiles. It is priced at approximately Rs.6500 in India. That said, here is How to root Lava Xolo A500. Being an Android phone, Xolo A500 phone can be easily rooted through a popular script called “Bin4ry.” This script can root ICS/JB phones using a remount timing issue in  Android “adb restore services.”

Requirements necessary root Lava Xolo A500
The following requirements are necessary for one to root Xolo A500 mobile phone:
  1. Windows PC or Laptop; this is where the rooting tools will be downloaded first before being transferred to your phone for rooting. It is the one that facilitates rooting on the Xolo A500.
  2. Xolo A500 mobile handset; Ensure that your phone is fully charged .If it is not charged, it should have power level of at least 50%; check it on battery level. Your Xolo A500 must have UBS drivers which can be downloaded from this LINK  This driver enables connection between a computer and a phone.
  3. Original USB cable; This will be used to connect your computer or laptop to your Xolo A500 mobile phone during rooting.
  4. Xolo A500 root tools; The root tools are first downloaded from the internet
    e.g. you can download rooting tools on your computer or laptop.
How to Root Lava Xolo A500
Step 1:
 Connect your Xolo A500 with a PC or laptop using the USB cable. Wait for some time for the Bin4ry drivers to install your laptop or computer. Note that If your Xolo A500 has no Bin4ry drivers, then download them from the internet then install them on your Xolo A500 before connecting your gadget to the Personal Computer or laptop.
Step 2:
Enable USB debugging mode on your Xolo A500.This is done by; clicking on Settings->Development->USB Debugging. Once at USB debugging, enable it.
Step 3:
Open the rooting tools in a file that you had downloaded and extract on your PC or Laptop.
Step 4:
Check the extracted files. Double click the RunMe.bat file which you will find in the folder after extracting the
rooting tools. When you do this, the screen will come with green letter giving you commands to take an action. For instance, you will see these commands on your phone screen: “This script will root your Android phone with adb function script by Bin4ry …….”
Device type:
1) Normal
2) Special ( for example : Sony Tablet
S, Medion Lifetab)
                                                  Step 5:
Select option “1” to start the rooting process in “Normal mode.”Make sure that your handset, Xolo A500 is still connected to your personal computer or laptop as the rooting starts till it ends.
Step 6:
Your device will reboot and after a short while, Bin4ry will copy root files to your Xolo A500 mobile phone.
Step 7:
 You will then be notified to tap the screen of your phone. The device will be rebooted after which, you will see a message displayed on the screen saying “Rooting is Successful on your Xolo A500.”
Step 8:

Manually reboot your handset then you will find SuperUser application in your Phone. That is it, you would have done rooting Lava Xolo A500. You can now enjoy the full potentiality of the phone
with the root functions.

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