How to Block Unwanted Calls and SMS with These 6 Best Call Blocking Apps

While phones are meant to Foster communication, they may also be cause for a headache if used wrongly. One such way is through unwanted calls and texts. If you are facing this nuisance, then you need one of the following call blocking apps on your device. Read Also: Top Best rated Photo Editing Apps for Android

Best Call Blocking AppsBlock Unwanted Calls and SMS android

  • Truecaller

Ask anyone about a call blocking app and the first one to come to mind will be Truecaller. Although it began as an app to identify callers that are not in your phone, it has evolved to include the capability to block calls from specific people and those not in your phonebook. It is one of the best so far.

  • Mr. Number

Mr. Number is another solid app for those in need of call blocking services. Besides the normal capabilities of blocking calls and texts, it also offers automatic blacklisting of known scamming numbers from reaching out to you. This will give you the peace of mind you need to use your device without annoying calls and texts.

  • Hiya

Hiya was initially called Whitepages Caller ID. The app had many useful features that users will love. First, it has a big database of numbers which are known to spam users. Also, it updates the list every now and again to provide the user with the latest protection from spammers. You can even add messages to specific numbers to remind you of the danger they pose if you press that call button or receive calls ​from them.

  • Should I Answer?

While it is the weirdest of names on our list, it is also the simplest so far. Rather than depending entirely on online phone number databases to bring you the list of the known spamming numbers, it also depends upon the services of community members who update their lists often. Once a number has been flagged several times, you will be notified of its rating to decide the answer to Should I answer?

  • Call Blocker

Call Blocker does exactly what its name suggests, and it does it very well. It has a simple interface​ which has three panels named, Blacklist, Whitelist and Log. In the Blacklist are all the contacts one has blocked from calling them. The Whitelist has the list of the good contacts while the log has all the calls that came to your phone.

  • Extreme Call Blocker

This one is made for anyone serious on blocking unwanted calls from their devices. Although it costs a small fee, it uses the powerful spam robocall and telemarketing call list provided by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). The FCC updates this list every week for the best peace of mind. Besides that, one can create their own blacklists with ease.

These are the best call blocker apps you can have at the moment. In fact, you will only need any one of these apps to stay peaceful at all times given that they all work as stated

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