Top Best rated Photo Editing Apps for Android

A search of the best photo editing apps on Android reveals several hundreds of apps for this purpose. Choosing the best might be an uphill task for many users. If you want that app that will make your photo stand out, then you are in for luck. We rounded up six of the very best in this regard.

Here’s a bonus tip for those with a lot of photos. You can use photo album software to organise your photos. This will make it easier to browse through the photos as there is an order. An alternative to this is the use of photo calendar software. Well, let’s read on for ways to edit your photos before adding them to the photo album.

Best photo editor apps for AndroidTop 6 Photo Editing Apps for Android

  • Adobe apps

Talk of photo editing and the word Photoshop comes up. Adobe has released a line of apps to take care for all your photo editing needs. They include Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Photoshop Mix and Adobe Lightroom. The three apps are likely all you will ever need to create pro-level photos.

  • AirBrush

If you are into selfies (as we all are), then AirBrush will meet your needs for quick photo enhancements. Most of its tools can be accessed with a single click hence easy to use compared to the other options. With it, you can whiten your teeth, remove blemishes, change the color of your eyes, reshape a few things here and there, and add some cool features for the selfie of the year.

  • Aviary

One of the most famous names in photo editing is Aviary. It comes with a neat feature to enhance your photo with a single touch. You can also apply some manual enhancements such as whitening teeth, removing blemishes, fixing red eye effects and others. Other features that can be adjusted include the contrast, temperature, color, brightness and many others.

  • Cupslice Photo Editor

This app comes with some very handy features on your end. Not only is it packed with lots of filters, it also comes with stickers that are easy to customize and always up to date. The most common filters include hue and saturation adjustment, black and white, collages, contrast and brightness adjustments and many more.

  • Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Although the pro version of this app has made it to this list, the basic version is also just as good. The app comes with various great tools that can make your photos come to life like never before. The app comes it various filters including HDR, black and white and Fancy.

  • Fotor Photo Editor

The name could be a weird one but the features make it a must-have for those seeking to create awesome pictures. The advantage with this app is that the features only need a single tap to make them work. Besides that, you get a wide array of tools to apply on your pictures including RGB, temperature, color, tint, shadow, vignetting and many others. For the filters, there are more than 100 of those to pick from.

These photo editing apps for Android have both free and paid versions depending on your needs as a user. Their ease of use, a number of features and even the extent of their capabilities makes them the best of the lot. Many others exist but you will never go wrong with these ones.

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