Android Phones That Outperform the New iPhone 11

So Apple has just taken the wraps off its three new 2019 iPhones. The iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Whatever you think of the brand there’s no denying these will be among the most popular smartphones of the next year. But this doesn’t mean that iPhone is always the best. In fact, we’ve round up a list of the top five Android Phones That Outperform the New iPhone 11.

We have had to compared Android to iPhone before even looking at whether Android is better than iPhone and which one you should opt for. but this is on a new level. In this publication, we will look at some of the features of the new Apple phones and match them up with the Android top-end flagship phones offering the same features or better.

iPhone 11 Reverse Wireless charging

Apple’s new iPhones offer reverse wireless charging for the first time along with the boast of up to five more hours of battery life compared to the previous generation along with wireless charging, the phones themselves and 18 Watt fast wired charging. However, none of this is remotely unique in the Android world. The Galaxy Note 10 plus, for instance, offers a whopping 45 watts of charging power. Most Samsung flagships the past year have supported reverse wireless charging for topping up gadgets like headphones and smartwatches. Samsung’s phones among others also feature fast wireless charging for quicker refills. Plus the Galaxy Note series is well-established for offering easy all-day battery life. If you want faster charging, a capacious battery and numerous more charging options it’s definitely worth also taking a look at Samsung’s flagship.

iPhone 11 Notch

Let’s talk about the notch. While Apple has reduced the footprints of the iPhone 10’s hefty screen cut out in the new 11 Pro Series, Android brands have also been working tirelessly to eliminate the notch and to be blunt they’ve made way more progress than Cupertino has. The obvious examples include the note 10 and Galaxy S 10 series. That’s to say nothing of all-screen devices like the one plus 11 Pro which do away with the cut out altogether thanks to their pop up selfie cameras. What’s more the one plus flagship also boasts a 90 Hertz refresh rate quicker and smoother than anything Apple has to offer for a much more fluid experience. While Apple has high refresh rates in its iPads it’s still yet to offer this technology in its phones which are stuck at 60 hertz in the coming year. Expect more android phones to offer this new faster display technology potentially leaving Apple in the dust.

iPhone 11 Camera Features

The new iPhone arguably gets its biggest camera upgrade in years. With a new triple 12MP set up in the Pro Series, a standard Wide Angle set up, a telephoto camera and a new ultra-wide sensor, Apple joins the triple Camera Club. Android phones have offered similar versatility going back to phones like the LGB 40 and Huawei Mate 20 pro last year. But right now the camera phone to beat is undoubtedly the Huawei P30 Pro with its own triple camera setup that matches the iPhone and possibly beats it in some key areas. Huawei’s homegrown 40MP sensor offers unparalleled low light captures and that’s paired with a capable ultra-wide camera and a whopping 5X optical zoom camera that’s good for up to 10 times in hybrid zoom, and thus far beyond what the iPhone’s two times telephoto camera can render. The P30 pro also has a formidable handheld night mode, but arguably the original king of nighttime photography is Google’s pixel series currently led by the Google pixel 3. The pixel’s night mode captures unmatched color detail and clarity in darker scenes Thanks to computational technology techniques that are similar to Apple’s night mode and deep fusion features. In fact, since Google’s software is so powerful these features are available on the Pixel 38 series as well which starts at just $399 in the US, a fraction of what you’ll pay even for the new cheaper iPhone 11.

Iphone 11 Storage and Media

Let’s face it, as advanced as the new iPhones are, you’re still missing out on expandable storage to the micro SD slot that has been Samsung staple for years now. In fact with a Galaxy S 10 plus you can start with up to 1TB of storage and expand even further thanks to an SD card. Plus if you are connected to a pair of high-quality headphones, the best option remains a direct 3.5mm connection. That’s something you still can’t do on an iPhone without that annoying 3.5mm to lightning dongle.


So look, no one’s trying to say that the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro won’t be great phones. I’m sure they will but as always, Apple isn’t necessarily doing anything new here. As you can see some of the Android Phones Outperform the New iPhone 11 If you want all of these features today perhaps for less than the premium price Apple is charging. It’s absolutely possible to get all of them right now in a top-end Android flagship. Incase you make the switch, here is how to transfer contacts and SMS from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Flagships. That’s it for now, share keep your friends in the loop.

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