Accidentally Deleted Useful Files from Mac, How to Recover

We all have that oops! moment when we delete an important file by accident. If you are lucky, you will just go to the recycle bin and recover it. What if you deleted it completely from your Mac? There are ways to get it back too. I have done recovery procedures before both for android, laptops computers, flash disks and SD cards. The links to these articles will be in this article.

What if I told you that those dayshavoo moments caused by accidentally deleting files will end now? Would that make you read on or better still read more of what TechnologySAGE has for you. Well, I can’t promise wine that I can’t deliver, no promises, just deeds. I will introduce to you the most powerful software that you can use to recover files on your Mac computer. I don’t just throw around the word powerful. Enough said, let’s dive into it.

Software to recover files on Mac

Time Machine

The Mac operating system comes with a very helpful feature in the name of Time Machine. With time machine, you can go back in time to a previous session on your computer. First, you will need to enter Time Machine from the System Preferences or menu bar shortcut. You can then scroll through the various sessions of the computer till you land the session with the file you need. You can then just preview it or restore it as you wish. You will have your file back just like that; neat and straight.recover files on Mac

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Third Party Software

There are many pieces of software one can put to use in recovering the deleted files. If you are not into the time machine thing, then you can look for the many pieces of software on the issue of recovering accidentally deleted files. Majority of these software are not free but this is the internet world where free is the most used search term when it comes to paid products and services. If you know what I mean then let’s proceed. Among the most known recovery software are EaseUS and Disk Drill. I have personally used EaseUS and it works perfectly fine.recover files on Mac EaseUS

No file is unrecoverable. Simply download the program to your computer, launch it and run it so that it finds the exact file you will be looking for. It is that easy.

If you need the third party software to work well, immediately you notice you have deleted a vital file, stop using the computer and launch the software. Unknown to most people, deleting files will allow the computer to overwrite them the moment you keep using the computer. What happens is that the new files you put on the hard drive will overwrite the deleted one completely. They will thus be lost completely.

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From the two main methods, the best one is simply using the Time Machine since it is inbuilt I and quite easy to use. Unless you are into adventure like I always am, then that should get your deleted files on Mac back and safe with you again.

Well, let me end today’s article with a moment of truth. My girlfriend’s phone was stolen and so I had to lend her one of mine. When she finally got another one, she saw it necessary to return mine. She’s not so much into tech as I am, so she just deleted her messages and seeing that she had verified WhatsApp with her new phone, there was no way I was gonna see her chats, at least that’s what she thought. This got me curious and so I had to put my skills to work. Wanna know what happened? Check out How To Recover Deleted or lost Messages, photos, videos and files On Android Phones.