Want to Keep Your Mobile Number Private? Try a Toll-Free Business Number

Depending on whose statistics you consult, at least five million Americans telecommute at least for at least half of their workdays. But that probably doesn’t count the millions of independent consultants, freelancers and other sole proprietors working from their homes, libraries, coffee shops or anywhere else that their freedom and flexibility permit. Even as you’re busy building your enterprise, maintaining a work-life balance is key. A toll free number for business is a great tool for managing your business calls, but it can also effectively help you keep that work-life balance.

How Does a Toll-Free Number Help Manage My Time?

When you receive a call from an unrecognizable number on your private cellphone, you may have no idea whether it’s business or personal. That’s not exactly convenient if you’re enjoying a weekend away from home or you’re at your child’s piano recital. Answer it, and you risk being annoyed by a robocall or a well-meaning friend who wants to chat when you don’t have the time. Ignore it, and you could miss a sales opportunity or learn about a critical problem when it’s too late to solve.

Fortunately, a virtual phone system can take the guesswork out of these calls. By offering a toll-free number and a sophisticated unified communications platform, it allows you to instantly know who’s calling. And when you can’t answer the call, advanced features like smart auto-reply and text message response to voice mails let you stay in touch with clients and critical contacts.

Can I Manage Toll-Free Number Calls From a Mobile Phone?

Virtual business phone services are incredibly sophisticated. Their cloud-based architectures easily support mobile app access. From these apps, you can track phone calls and texts, send and receive calls, see who’s responded to customer messages and more.  

How Can Toll-Free Business Numbers Reduce Costs?

Having both landline and wireless services can feel a bit redundant at times. After all, you can’t use your landline when you’re on the road or away at a meeting. And if you operate a business from home, the last thing you want to do is pay for landline services or an extra cellphone that you don’t need. A business number system helps you cut the cord while keeping your personal life personal.

For entrepreneurs, a toll free number for business can be an indispensable tool. Innovative call management features, a public-facing business phone number and mobile app access on the goal help improve productivity, cut costs and keep business separate from one’s personal life.

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