Vivo Y15 Selfie Phone Is Coming Soon!

For Vivo, the Y series is by far its best-selling smartphone. And as expected, its latest release doesn’t disappoint. The Vivo Y15 series, dubbed the selfie phone is the latest in the Y series and comes with many exciting features and updates.

It’s a phone designed for the young and the young-at-heart, especially those who like to take and share selfies with their friends. Since it came into the limelight, Vivo has evolved into a widely recognized global brand thanks to its high-quality smartphones.

Style, affordability, and quality are the hallmarks of this brand, and the Vivo Y15 is no exception. Considering that it’s designed for the younger generation, it easily stands out from the others in the series with its fascinating features and lively colorways.

Price is a major factor for many people looking to buy smartphones today. And Vivo hasn’t disappointed on this front. In line with ensuring that all its products are affordable, Vivo announced that the Vivo Y15 price Philippines range would be from PHP5,000.00 to PHP7,500.00.

It’s a device that will allow its users to handle multiple tasks with ease easily. Apart from managing calendars and keeping track of social events, users can make online video calls, play online games, and manage their social media accounts.

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Say Goodbye to Low-Quality Photos

Low-quality and dimly lit photos are one thing that most photo lovers can’t stand. Everyone wants to stand out on social media, and there’s no better way to do this than by posting clear and high-quality images.

With the Vivo Y15 series, users get to say goodbye to low-quality selfies thanks to its inbuilt 8MP Night Selfie camera. It’s a camera that ensures that every photo is focused on its subject to guarantee a clear selfie even when dealing with a haloing or bokeh backdrop.

Furthermore, it incorporates a Selfie Soft Light Band whose purpose is to soften and highlight selfies taken in dark rooms/areas. Users will love this feature as it offers an automatic adaptation and real-time preview of its inbuilt light effects.

The night camera and accompanying features ensure users will have the best lighting when they need it.

Unmatched Battery Capacity

Apart from its unique camera and trendy hardware design, users are bound to love its inbuilt battery. No one wants to have to charge their device multiple times a day to complete their tasks.

The Vivo Y15 Series ensures its users don’t have to worry about running out of charge. Its built-in battery allows users to handle all their tasks with a single charge. With it, they can stream HD movies for up to 18 hours nonstop.

For those who would rather play games than watch movies online, they’ll be happy to note that this device supports up to 7 hours of uninterrupted gaming. What more would a movie buff or gaming enthusiast want in a phone?

The Y15 series uses the innovative and highly sought-after 5V1A Reverse Charging technology. It’s a feature that allows users to charge other USB-compatible devices quickly. Simply put, the technology will enable it to act as a backup power bank in case one device runs out of power.

Triple Card Slot

Another feature to look forward to is the triple card slot design. The slot can handle 2 regular slim cards and 1 memory card of up to 1TB. Users no longer have to worry about being unreachable or having to switch sim cards to communicate with family or business contacts.

The third slot ensures they never run out of space to store their favorite photos and movies.

Looking at all these exciting features infused into the Vivo Y15 series, it’s clear that its users will have a great time with this device. With it, they will get to watch movies, handle daily tasks, and share their picture-perfect selfies with social contacts and the world in general.


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