Viber Spying App Provides Better Coordination and Workforce Management

It is the 21st century and technology is a necessity in every aspect of life, especially business. Xnspy is a monitoring app that offers features that help managers and team leaders to coordinate better and manage their teams remotely while making sure that productivity and services remain optimal around the clock. Businesses can benefit from using a Viber spying app through tracking the activities of their team members to make sure that they don’t make mistakes that can affect the brand’s image while marketing. Tracking Viber activities of target employees has become easier through the features this app offers.

Viber Spying App

How Viber Monitoring Helps Businesses

Modern businesses thrive upon adopting the most recent online marketing strategies. One of the most important and effective marketing strategy in the present era is direct marketing where marketers directly interact with customers and engage them. The challenge is to find ways of reaching out to millions to keep sales going on. This is why internet messengers have become a useful marketing tool. Viber, in particular, is famous for business purposes and has a special version available for business. It has promotional stickers that help marketers engage their target audience in direct conversations. Not just that but for coordination amongst team members, and to keep them focused and motivated, Viber is very helpful.

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Three Features of the Viber Spying App

Although this monitoring app offers many other features, I’d like to focus on the three features you can use for monitoring the activities of target employees via Viber. However, before we go on to discussing the three features, you need to know that you must first install Xnspy on the target’s cell phone. It can be an iOS or Android device. For Android and iOS jailbroke iOS devices, you have to hold the target cell phone once to install the app manually, which doesn’t take more than five minutes. For non-jailbroken iOS devices, you don’t need to install the app on the target cell phone but you need the target’s iCloud credentials. The design of the app is such that it maintains the stealth mode throughout while you monitor the target’s activities on the cell phone.

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Here are three things you can monitor on Viber with this app:

Viber Calls

While you may issue a cell phone to your workforce to use for business reasons, how sure can you be that they use it strictly for work? Suppose you are paying huge bills for the calls, your employees make to relatives abroad, and you are unaware of it. What would you do if your team members pretend that they are working and engaging a target customer in business deals, whereas they are on call with people in their personal life? A confrontation will only make you look bad, sour relations with team members, cause trust issues, and demotivates everyone to work and coordinate as a team. You cannot snoop on your employees around the clock, but with the monitoring app, you can see all call logs remotely from the control panel without holding the target cell phone.

Viber Messages

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While brand marketing is a sensitive issue, it is crucial to make sure that your marketing team is cautious about what they say in messages. Anything they say can go against the company and tarnish the image your brand has within minutes. Social media may be a very helpful tool in promoting business, but the slightest mistakes your team makes can cause serious and long-lasting problems. With this Viber spying app, you can see all incoming and outgoing messages. You can monitor the conversations of team members to make sure they follow proper communication etiquettes.

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Viber Photos

Workforce management doesn’t only center on marketing and customer management. You also have to consider workplace discrimination and harassment issues. In order to make sure that employees do not abuse each other in any way and that you don’t have sexual predators working amidst the team, you can monitor the photo gallery at different times to make sure there is nothing that raises concerns. Besides, to eliminate doubts and fears espionage against your business, taking precautions and screening photos and videos as often as possible will be a good idea.

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Other Features the App Offers:

Apart from serving as a great tool for Viber monitoring, it also monitors other internet messengers like WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, and Line. It also offers SMS monitoring, call monitoring, email monitoring, GPS tracking and Geofencing, and records surrounding sounds in the background of the cell phone.

You can take advantage of the discounts available and subscribe to the services this app offers. It is available at as low as $8.33 per month for basic users, and at $12.49 for premium users. I will attest to the sense of security and peace of mind knowing what goes on around you can offer, which this app offers. Besides, it is easy to use with an uncomplicated interface in the control panel.