Top 6 Virtual reality (VR) Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Virtual reality (VR) is quickly catching up to the other forms of technology to make it to the mainstream. If you have a VR headset such as an Oculus Rift or the Gear VR, there is a wide array of VR apps for Android smartphones and tablets. To pick out the best Virtual reality apps for android could be tricky.  We reviewed six of the best in this regard for you to make a pick, but before that, you can check out Top Best Video Editing Apps for Android Phones and Tablets.

Best Virtual reality (VR) Apps for AndroidVirtual reality (VR) Apps for Android

  • Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is one of the most simple apps to use with virtual reality. It is a free app to begin with. Then it comes with the function of working as a VR app for your other VR apps for ease of access. Given that it’s from Google, expect a lot of support from the company.

  • Netflix VR

If you love Netflix as much as the rest of the world, this is your app. It shows all Netflix content in virtual reality with a focus on providing the best experience with this app. Although it’s only compatible with Daydream​, it is clearly one of the best owing to the quality of the content.

  • YouTube
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The common YouTube app has the ability to show 360 degree videos. With the tap of a button, you will be able to turn each video into a VR experience. If your device is compatible with Google Daydream, you can check out the YouTube VR app for the best experience. Whether you are watching 360 degree videos or common ones, you will enjoy the video.

  • Within

While Netflix is known for general content, Within is purely for content created for virtual reality. From short videos, lengthy ​films and funny clips, you can be sure to have the best of everything in virtual reality. The number of content creators keeps going up hence a worthy app for those with VR compatible phones.

  • A Chair in a Room

It is a weird name​ for a game but it has one of the most interesting stories in VR gaming. Once the game begins, you will be exploring a room with a chair in it. While it sounds uneventful, wait till you try it out. Just be warned that it is a horror story so you will need to have the courage to play it.

  • Cardboard Camera
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VR apps help you view content like never before. For the best experience, the content has to be short in 360 degrees. With the Cardboard camera app, you can shoot your own pictures in 360 degrees for VR viewing at a later time. It is a simple app to use given the many ways you can shoot your content.

Why they are the best VR Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Virtual reality is all about improving the viewing experience for any type of content. With these apps, you will be able to enjoy and even capture the content in a world of their own. While VR is still in its developmental stages, you can install these apps to enjoy its services.

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