The Top 5 Essential Features Of A Great Website

When it comes to e-commerce or any other internet-based activity, the quality of a website is vital for success. Just like a physical space, if visitors feel uncomfortable, they’ll leave shortly after arriving. Give them a great website to visit, and visitors will take the time to look around and engage with the content. But what are the essential features of a great website that encourages high user engagement? Let’s take a look.

Clear purpose

Whether for business or leisure, any website’s purpose needs to be apparent from the moment a visitor lands on a page. If it’s a fan site for a genre of books or tv shows, if visitors are unclear that the site caters to their interest, they’ll leave. Clicking a link for a business that clearly shows its purpose and brand image has a better chance of converting clicks to sales. Keep pages uncluttered, label tabs appropriately, and keep branding consistent across platforms.

Uncluttered Appearance

In the early days of the internet, amateur webpages full of bright colors, garish images, and confusing backgrounds were all too familiar. It turned out internet users prefer not being bombarded with a sensory overload at every click, and modern webpages are comparatively sleek and minimalist. Pictures and colors are still incorporated in web design to make them attractive but less riotous. Use a free background remover to make images look clean and crisp, allowing them to complement text instead of detracting attention.

User-Friendly Navigation

Being easy to navigate around is vital for user engagement. Visitors to a website don’t always arrive via the homepage due to search engine results. As such, they want to find other website areas easily from any part of the site. And likewise, if they arrive via the homepage, visitors want to find other regions without the hassle of getting the information required. A website can have no maximum number of pages as long as customers can coherently find them all.

Optimized For Responsiveness

There are various options to consider when thinking about web responsive design, depending on how the page is built, hosted, and targeted. Most internet browsing is now undertaken on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, meaning unoptimized websites don’t work well. The best-designed websites are optimized to view well from any device, not just on a computer screen. Responsive website owners do better than their peers who don’t make an effort.

Relevant Content

A website can be beautifully designed and fully responsive, but visitor numbers will fall if the content isn’t kept relevant and up to date. Keep information appropriate to the site’s purpose, so visitors stay interested and engaged. It’ll also ensure strong SEO results, with the website showing up in the best search results to find the target audience.

Providing visitors with a pleasant experience increases their engagement with a website. Web builders can achieve this with good design and relevant content displayed on a responsive page that’s easy to navigate.


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