New Modern Web Design Tips and the Latest trends in web design

The web is evolving every single day. At this speed of advancement, more Modern Web Design Tips and more innovations are coming in web design.The internet has made it possible for people around the world to connect with one another. The internet is essentially the 2nd market for companies that were once store based. Google is the number 1 ranked search engine in the world.This powerful search engine has millions of domains and trillions of searches! With this amount of data, google always enforces new security regulations and rules when its comes to web design. Website design has entered a new modern era.

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Modern Web Design TipsBefore, websites use to have HTML coding and fancy flash effects. Now, Javascript has taken over and PHP web design. PHP web design gives a dynamic approach to creating web pages. There are a couple of new trends that every web designer and company that owns a domain should know about. Read the top 6 most modern web design tips below.



The 6 Most Modern Web Design Tips

1- Flat Design. The clean and pressed flat design is the first and latest web design trend. No more pop-up buttons on a web design. The flatter a page without the extra shadow effects, the better.

2- White Spaces. A white space design reduces the number of items on a web page. This ultimately leads to lower HTTP requests and a faster loading website. In a visual understanding, white space web designs are user-friendly. The white space elements on a web page will allow the regular website visitor to focus on the message of the website without getting distracted with too many elements on the page.

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3- Responsive. Responsive web design was once an option, now it’s not the case. A web page must be able to resize for every single device that it is opened on. With so many different devices out today, every website should have a responsive website design. Responsive web design promotes a great user experience.

4- Page Load Time. Web page speed is getting faster and faster!  Most website visitors are used to websites loading 1.3 seconds below. So if a website takes to long to open up because it loads too slow, chances are that the web visitor will not have any tolerance and leave the website completely. Clean coding practice, CSS magnification, and image compression can reduce a web page in total size and allow it to load much faster.

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5- Interactive Web Design. An Interactive web design will connect with the average visitor in some way. It may be through mouse events or pop-ups. Whichever it may be, interactive web designs will capture a web visitors attention and prevent bounce rates. UI Animations are very popular this year in web design.

6- Mobile Friendly Layout. There are more individuals checking the net through their cell phones than desktop devices. This is an important reason why a web page must be mobile friendly. A mobile friendly design is both visually easy on the eye, fast loading, and optimized.

A web designer’s priorities should always be to please the client, please the average web page visitor, and of course follow the Modern Web Design Tips and the latest trends in web design as they are created to better a website experience.