The Best Parental Controller Apps for Android

Those with kids using Android phones always run into issues when trying to establish control for the little ones. Given that Android does not come with bundled-in parental controls, the solution is going for parental controller apps for Android.

Here are the best for you.The Best Parental Controller Apps for Android


With this app, you can control the downloading of apps, controlling access to the Play Store, turning off in-app purchases, filtering content in web browsers and other neat features. This app is especially great if your kid has their own smartphone. The app even disallows texting while driving.

Kids Place

This app creates an interface with the apps that you want your kid to have access to. For example, you can select only the games to add to the new interface for your kid. All the restrictions you need applied to the interface can be added with ease.

Net Nanny

While the other apps on our list are to be configured strictly on the kid’s device, Net Nanny can be either managed on the device on remotely. Remote control can be done using a web browser with most all the features found in the other apps on this list being found here too.


Flamingo is meant to create a sandbox in which kids can run their apps without access to illicit content. It even comes with a browser that does not permit access to any inappropriate content. Flamingo also prevents texting while driving and can thus be used by teens too.

Screen Time

Screen time limits the amount of time your teen will spend on their devices. It can be either controlled from the kid’s device or from a partner app on a parent’s phone. It ought to be known that Screen Time does not have a browser that controls content and should thus be accompanied by a safe browser of one’s choosing.


Funamo makes it easy to secure the innocence of your child through a plethora of features. These include restrictions on the time spent using the device, the content accessed through the browser and many others. Like other top names on this list, it prevents texting while driving.

Safe Browser

This is basically a browser that ensures safe browsing for your kid’s device. Given that it is just a browser, you can pair it up with an app such as Screen Time for a full control of the content your kids will be accessing. You get to set exactly what content your kids can access and the restricted stuff.

Norton Family

From the famous company that brought us the Norton antivirus comes Norton Family for your little ones. It packs features such as control of the content your kids accesses through the web browser and other apps of your choosing.

Why parental controller apps for Android?

Without these apps, the innocent minds of the kids will be exposed to content that is inappropriate for their age and comprehension. They would also spend all their time on games and develop poorly in other areas of life.

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