How to stop an app from automatically shutting down in Android

If you need to stop an app from automatically shutting down when using it, you will need to carry out a few steps on your device. When apps shut down on their own when you are using them, it gets quite frustrating since every time the app crushes, it will force you to start doing the task you were handling afresh. Besides that, crushing apps can also affect the working of the other apps on your device. Read Also: Why does my phone shut itself down when using flash?

Stop an app from automatically shutting down

The first thing you have to try is to update the app to its latest version. Most updates for apps bring new features and uses which lack in the older versions of the app. Even more importantly, app updates fix bugs and introduce performance improvements that will prevent your app from shutting down often.Phone shutting off when using Flash

The second option is to uninstall the app and install it afresh. If the updating method fails, this should be your next choice. If there is an issue with the app, removing it and installing it afresh always solves the issue. You will be installing the latest version of the app with all the bugs done away with.

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The next option on your list is to force the app to stop then reactivate it. To do this, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Go into the settings of your device.
  • Go into the Apps section.
  • Find the app that is problematic.
  • You will have the option of stopping the app or disabling it. Both can be used then the app activated again.


The methods stated here should work for most apps. However, if the problem persists, you may consider restarting your device in safe mode then uninstall the app. You can turn on the device in normal mode then install it again. In safe mode, only the stock apps will be working. This will allow for the control of the other apps. You can easily remove them without causing an issue to the rest of the apps. It is quite rare than a stock app could be causing an issue given that these apps are built with the hardware and software in mind. Only third party apps tend to have the issue of shutting down unexpectedly.

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The apps that tend to shut down unexpectedly are often fixed by the manufacturer if the issue is with the app rather than the hardware. Chances are that enough users will express frustration with the app for the vendor to rectify the issue. If it is the hardware, uninstalling and reinstalling the app should solve the issue. The ease with which you can get the app to work relies on your knowledge about the device. Sometimes, simply restarting your device can do the trick. With most apps, when they crash, you can share the logs with the vendor to solve the issue.