solve ‘Operation failed’ error on SPD flash tool while flashing itel A11 Smartphone

Hello dear readers. Welcome once again to the technology sage blog site. In today’s article, I am going to show you how to solve the Operation failed error on the SPD flash tool while flashing itel A11 Smartphone. If you have ever tried to flash itel A11 Smartphone using SPD Flash tool or Research download tool, then you understand what this error is. Usually, flashing will start but you will end up getting an Operation failed error during repartitioning.


This, we both have to agree that it is kinda disappointing.


Upgrade Download tool is the official SPD flashing tool for Spreadtrum smartphones. When you want to flash a Stock ROM for your SPD Smartphone, SPD flash tool or also known as Upgrade Download tool is the best and easiest tool to use to flash an SPD Pac file. But sometimes during flashing, errors do occur while using Upgrade Download tool. Kindly check also my article on How to unlock Security code on itel it5081. In the meantime, we are going to look at how to solve the Operation failed error on SPD flash tool while flashing itel A11

Methods on how to solve Operation failed error on SPD flash tool while flashing itel A11

If you are having this error, I understand that you are disappointed and you really need to have your phone up and working again. But worry no more. I am going to help you fix Operation failed error on SPD flash tool while flashing itel A11 Smartphone. There are two ways through which you can fix this problem. Let us look at them one by one.

Solution 1

When trying to flash this phone with the Upgrade download tool, you might get this error. But if you do, the first solution is to try a different version of the Upgrade Download tool. You might find out that a lower version or the higher version of the upgrade download tool. Sometimes even the latest version might not be able to work. In that case, you might think of trying different versions. If you still get the same error after trying v number of different versions, try solution 2 below.

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Solution 2

If you gave tried different versions of Upgrade download tool as shown above, then you can try this method. In this method, you will need to have a Miracle box. Now, let us look at how we can go about it.

How to Flash Itel A11 Using Miracle Box

Now, having said this, we can solve the SPD Upgrade error while flashing itel A11 Smartphone. This is the best solution so far in the case solution number one doesn’t work for you. To flash itel A11 with Miracle Box, follow the steps below.

Step 1

The first step is to launch Miracle box flashing tool. In this case, you will need miracle 2.82 and higher because the lower versions don’t support itel A11 boot type. On Miracle box interface, click on the ‘SPD’ tab.

Step 2

Now under SPD, click on the ‘Write’ tab. Now below, scroll down the SPD CPU types and select 7731C. Then move down below and click on the folder icon to load your pac file from the itel A11 pac file folder you extracted. Load the pac file.

itel A11 1.JPG

Step 3

Now, after you’ve loaded your itel A11 pac file, it is time to now connect your phone and flash it. To do so, first click on the ‘START’ button. Power off your phone. Hold both the volume up (Vol+) and volume down(Vol-) keys. Connect your phone to the PC. As soon as your phone is detected and the boot correctly read, a pop-up window will show showing all the partitions for you to choose which one to flash. Since we want a full flash, Just click on ‘OK’ to flash all the partitions. You can also read another article on how to fix boot loop on Samsung J3 Emerge smartphone.

Itell A11 miracle flash.JPG

Step 4

Now, flashing will commence. It will take some time so, patience here is a virtue. Wait until full flashing is completed at 100%. After it is Done, Disconnect your phone from the PC, remove the battery and place it back. Power up the phone. Wait until it boots up completely from the itel logo. Finnish the first Android set up and your phone will be up and running again as normal.

That is it, guys. That is the simplest method on how to solve Operation failed error on SPD flash tool while flashing itel A11 Smartphone kindly remember to subscribe, join our forum and follow us on Facebook and tweeter. In case you have any questions, inquiry or any assistance, kindly feel free to contact me on my Facebook account. And lastly, always remember to keep it technologysage all the time. Bye and see you again soon.


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