OPPO A5S Security Lock Unlock With MRT Crack 3.19

Hello dear readers. Welcome ones again to technology sage, where institution meets tech. I want to thank you for the support you have given us for years since the establishment of this blog site. By reading and sharing our articles, you are supporting us a great deal. For today’s article, I am going to show you how to Unlock Security Code on OPPO A5S smartphone. If you are looking for the best and efficient way on how to Unlock OPPO A5S, then this article is going to provide you with the most suitable and easiest way you can unlock your OOPO A5S Smartphone. Welcome and read along. For those interested, read also my article on How to Flash Safaricom Neon Ray and Fix Boot mode/Stuck on Fastboot Issues. Welcome

First, OPPO smartphones are really great. They are a durable and high-performing brand of modern smartphones. Besides fast internet speed, great storage capacity, and fast processing speeds, OPPO smartphones have one of the best and unique security features. In the sense that, it is not easy to unlock these phones even when they are stolen. For instance, if you have forgotten your unlock code or security code and wish to hard reset your phone from the recovery menu, to format your device, you still need to enter the unlock code you had previously set. This becomes difficult and that is where you get stuck. But for today, we are all going to learn How to unlock the OPPO A5S smartphone. With other smartphones, when you are wiping the phone through the recovery menu, you don’t need to enter the unlock code. You simply wipe the phone and restore factory settings.

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OPPO A5S Security Unlock

Now, having said that, let us now learn how to unlock security code on OPPO A5S. But there are some small details we need to learn before we now proceed to the main thing which is how to unlock OPPO A5S security code. Oppo smartphones operate on two different chipsets. QUALCOMM and Mediatek. Whichever OPPO Smartphone you will come across, it’s either operating on Qualcomm or an MTK chip. With QUALCOMM Chipsets, it’s kind of complicated to flash because you will need to have special flashing boxes but with MTK, you can be lucky enough to get software that can unlock them. So, the phone we want to unlock now, lucky for us is based on an MTK chipset. At least we can now breathe. So then, which tool are we going to use to flash OPPO A5S? Read along.

OPPO A5S Security Unlock with MRT Tool Crack

To unlock this phone, you will need to have the following:

  1. Windows Computer
  2. MRT Crack Tool
  3. USB Data Cable
  4. OPPO MTK drivers installed.

How To Unlock OPPO A5S Using MRT Crack Tool.

Hoping that you are able to have all the above requirements now let us move on to the point on how to unlock the security lock on OPPO A5S using the MRT crack tool. This crack tool can only be used if you don’t have an MRT dongle or flashing box. But in the case that you have the dongle or flashing box, you can still go ahead and use it with this procedure. Now follow the following steps on how to unlock the security code on OPPOA5S.

Step 1

So, the first thing you need to do is to open MRT crack software. For starters, this might be a very complicated procedure for it involves some tweaking to launch this tool. But depending on the one you have downloaded, it might be maybe different but the one I am using for this article is launched from a 32bit debugger like this one below. You can also check


I cannot go into full details on how to launch MRT Crack from this 32bit debugger but thanks to the internet, you can just find the tool and learn how to launch it. Just check the procedure on YouTube.

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Step 2

After launching the MRT dongle through whichever means best suited for you, after MRT is launched, on the dashboard, click on the OPPO tab. Now on the left-hand side, under “Mobile Options” select our OPPO A5S that we want to format and unlock security code. Select “A5S.”

Now, under that under operational options, click on the “Format (Unlock)” button. Now, having done that, hoping that you have already installed the Oppo MTK drivers, click on the Start button just below MRT.


Now, at this point, the remaining work is much simple. This is the point where we are going to now format all data on our OPPO A5S and unlock the security code. Now, make sure that your phone is charged at least 50% of the charge. Hold the power key to power off your phone. Now connect the USB data cable to the computer USB port.

On the phone, hold both volume up and volume down keys at the same time. Connect your OPPO A5S to the computer. As soon as you hear the connection sound and you see that MRT has recognized your device, release both keys and put the phone on a flat surface where you won’t interfere with the flashing process. Now, the phone will boot into Meta mode. You will see the screen turn on and change to green color. Don’t panic. Everything is ok. As soon as the phone goes into Meta mode, MRT will begin formatting it. Wait until you see “All is done” disconnect your phone from the computer and hold the power key to power it up.


Step 4

After flashing is done disconnect your OPPO A5S from the computer, power it up by holding the power button. After it is powered, kindly easily set up your phone by completing the factory setup instructions and set up your phone again. You should be able to now freely use your OPPO A5S phone without the security code. In the next article, I will show you how to bypass FRP on OPPO A5S smartphones.


I have personally used this method as shown by the screenshots in the article. This method works 100% accurate. Make sure you have installed the OPPO MTK drivers for your computer. This method will erase all your personal data from the phone’s internal storage.

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