How to use phone camera as web camera (webcam) for pc

Today let us learn about how to use phone camera as web camera (webcam) for pc. You might wonder if actually, this is possible. “Yes.” It is possible. You might also be asking yourself why or under which circumstances you might want to turn your smartphone’s camera into a webcam on pc. There are various circumstances by which you might be prompted to do this. Yes, laptops, as usual, come with built-in webcams. But have you ever been fully satisfied with camera quality? Laptop cameras are built for functions like video calling through apps like Skype, but their cameras are very low. You can get laptop webcams as low as 0.5mp. Such a camera won’t give you much quality images and videos. Read also: How to Turn old unused Android phone into a Security or CCTV camera

At some points, you might find out that your Pc camera can just go faulty. Or even in a case whereby your camera hardware isn’t in tandem with the webcam software. In both scenarios, you might find it hard to use your PC’s webcam at that one important moment when you badly need it. At the same time, you might be a very nice, vivid and high-quality camera on your smartphone. This is where it comes handy. Let us look at how to use phone camera as web camera (webcam) for to use phone camera as web camera (webcam) for pc.

Steps on how to use phone camera as a webcam for pc.

There are apps you will have to install to your phone to convert it into a portable webcam. These apps will link your phone camera to your pc. You can choose between the two of them. DroidCam and Ip webcam. Droidcam comes for both android and pc. For Android, you can download it from google play store. To download Droidcam software for pc, get it here: NOTE: you must have both the app and software on android and pc respectively. Droidcam is free. But also, a premium version is also available. Ones you have installed Droidcam on your pc, launch it and you will see an invitation where you will be asked to enter the Ip address. You will then install the mobile app, open it and the Ip address will be displayed together with the port number. Read Also: How to Use Android Camera to Solve Maths Problems

Now back on the Droidcam desktop client, you will be enlightened to realize that you can also stream audio and even chose the quality of the stream. You can also connect to your phone via USB cable! Ones you have keyed in the Ip address and port number, you can now go on. Just click “START.” and begin streaming. Droidcam app will then send the images or video to our pc. You can also toggle between the back and front camera in the Droidcam settings in the android app.

Now that you have linked your mobile phone camera to our Pc, the next is to connect it to the video conferencing software as your webcam. Remember this requires a strong internet connection. Ones the Droidcam desktop client is installed and set, the. O.S (Operating System) recognizes it as a webcam. Now, open your video conferencing software and start it. Select the camera and it wi directly be linked to the one on your phone! This only works with Droidcam. It won’t work on Ip webcam. On Skype, go to tools>>options>>video settings then select “webcam” from the drop-down menu and select the android webcam. That is it!

If you have a computer and an Android smartphone, try this. It’s just awesome. Now you’ve learned a good trick. Keep following us for more articles and computer tricks.

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