How To Unlock Security PIN/Password on OPPO A1K-CPH 1923

Hello, Today I am going to show you how to Unlock the Security PIN/Password on OPPO A1K-CPH 1923. If you are having trouble removing the security code on this phone, then stay with me and read this article until the end. It is going to be very helpful. You can also read my previous article on Safaricom Neon Ray J11 Pac. Firmware Download and Flashing Free. If you are interested in mobile phone unlocking, then you can check on our website under the categories and see our articles on mobile phones.


If you have ever handled OPPO brands, you will agree with me that unlocking them is quite a big challenge. On other Smartphone brands, it is easier to reboot the phone into recovery mode and wipe or do a factory reset to unlock the phone. But with some OPPO phones, it is quite a challenge. Getting into recovery mode is not a problem. The problem is to perform factory reset from the recovery mode. For you will be required to enter your phone password to again wipe your phone. The password you don’t know.

OPPO A1K-CPH 1923 Security Unlock.

Now, as I have just said, doing a factory reset on OPPO smartphones is quite a challenge. Getting to recovery mode is possible through the volume down and power key. But doing a factory reset is not possible for you to need to enter the security key again. This calls for another alternative method on how to unlock the Security lock on OPPO A1K-CPH 1923. Not many tools can unlock OPPO smartphones. OPPO A1K-CPH 1923Smartphone is an MTK Smartphone. So, we shall need a tool that we can unlock OPPO MTK Smartphone.

How to Unlock Security lock on OPPO A1K-CPH 1923.

In this article, we are going to see how to unlock the Security lock on OPPO A1K-CPH 1923. I am going to show you the step-by-step method of how you can unlock the security code on the OPPO 1032 Smartphone. In this article, we are going to use another tool known as the MTK Universal tool. This tool can perform very many functions and supports many MTK based smartphones. Let us look at how to unlock the Security lock on OPPO CPH 1923 using the MTK Universal tool. You can also read another article about How To fix Wikoo K630 LTE Smartphone Stuck on Logo

Step 1

Now, what you really need most to unlock the password or security PIN on OPPO A1K Smartphone is to get the tool by which you will use to unlock your phone. Many people prefer using Miracle or NCK and sometimes CM2. But this phone will not be unlocked on Miracle box or NCK. I don’t know about CM2 because I don’t have the CM2 dongle. Download the MTK Universal tool download the MTK Universal tool here from this link. Extract the zip file and save the files to a folder you can easily locate.


Now, run the Mediatek Universal Tools application as administrator. This tool works on both windows 64bits and 32bits respectively. For more information on how to use this tool, read my article on the Mediatek Universal tool Download and How to use it. Otherwise, launch the tool and be patient as it opens. If it doesn’t, turn off your antivirus, extract the zip file again, and launch the MTK Universal tool. It should open as shown below.


Step 3

Now, with your MTK Universal tool launched, you will see a list of features and actions you can perform under the main tab. On the list, click on the ‘FORMAT DATA/FACTORY RESET’ option. This option will wipe your phone’s user data. After that, click on the ‘START’ button.


Step 4

Now, until this point, you are on the right track to remove the security lock on OPPO A1K. Now it is time to connect your phone to the PC. To do so, power off your OPPO A1K. Hold both volume up and volume down buttons. Connect your phone to the computer via the USB Data cable. As soon as you hear the connection sound, release the buttons. Mediatek Universal tool will detect your phone, bypass Auth security and format your OPPO A1K Smartphone.


As soon as the progress is completed, disconnect your phone from the PC. Hold both the volume up, volume down, and the power key to boot up your phone. It may take a few minutes to complete the boot-up since it has been wiped. Wait until it is done. Complete the start-up settings and you will be able to use your phone once again without the password.


This method is quite effective and I have personally tested it. Remember you will not need auth file or DA File to format this phone using the MTK Universal tool. The tool has an inbuilt auth bypass and will itself bypass auth and format this phone. Kindly note that to connect this phone to the PC, hold both the volume up and volume down keys at the same time then connect to the PC. Release the keys as soon as you hear the connection sound. Lastly, kindly contact me on Facebook in case you need any assistance. Remember to also leave a like or comments on our Facebook page in case you feel that this article is helpful. That way, you will have really supported the growth of our website. Share our article, join our forum, and subscribe to our website to receive the latest updates on the new topics as soon as we publish them, Otherwise, thank you and see you again soon in another article.





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