How To fix Wikoo K630 LTE Smartphone Stuck on Logo

Hello dear readers. I am glad to have you back once again on the technology sage blog site. I this article, I am going to show you how to fix Wikoo K630 LTE Smartphone hanging on the logo. If you are having trouble with your wikoo K630 LTE Smartphone that is stuck on the logo or in the boot loop, then in this article, I am going to show you how to fix this issue once and for all. In the meantime, you can also check my previous article on How to write Tecno F2 Clone Stock Firmware File. There are quite a number of great articles about mobile phone flashing and unlocking on this platform. If you have time you can try to check it out for more information.


If you have your Wikoo K630 LTE Smartphone with a software issue, there are two ways you can go about that. Depending on the kind of software issue you are having on your Wikoo K630 LTE Smartphone, there are two ways you can fix the boot loop issue on this phone. But let us look at what causes boot loop issues on smartphones.

What Causes Boot loop on Android

  • Software updates with bugs.
  • Improperly shutdowns.
  • Rooting
  • Apps with viruses.

Sometimes with smartphones, there are software problems that can be easily solved and we have others that are so complicated that they need complex solutions. For boot loops, it depends on the cause for it. Here are two ways by which to fix Wikoo K630 LTE Smartphone hanging on the logo. Read also; How to Unlock Security Lock on OPPO A12 CPH2083

  1. Hard reset.

If the reasons for your boot loop are not quite a big deal, then it means that there is an easy way out. The easiest way to handle a boot loop is to perform a factory reset. A hard reset is usually done through the recovery menu. To access the recovery menu, power your phone off, hold both volumes up and power button until when the phone turns on, release the power button and continue holding the volume up button. When the android robot shows, release the volume up button. Now, hold the power-up button and press the power button. The recovery menu will show. You can do a factory reset from there. After that, reboot the phone. Wait and see if it still sticks on the logo. Wait for almost 10 minutes. If it still is stuck on the wikoo logo, then it means a hard reset will not help. So, you move to the next method.

  1. Flashing wikoo k630 LTE Firmware

Flashing firmware file is the ultimate solution to all software-related problems. Flashing a new stock ROM is basically changing the software from the one previously on the phone to another newer one. By flashing a new ROM, you can either flash the latest ROM or you can flash an older version. But all in all, one sure thing is that flashing a stock ROM on your phone will be the best way to fix Wikoo K630 LTE Smartphone hanging on the logo. So, for your Wikoo K630 LTE phone, if you have tried to reset to factory settings but still your phone is tuck on the logo, then you will need to flash your phone with the Wikoo K630 LTE flash file.

How to Flash Wikoo K630 LTE Firmware file and solve boot mode problem.

Now, at this point, I want to assume that hard resetting your phone through the recovery menu did not help at all. I understand your frustration and dilemma. But there is still a way out. The remaining thing to do is to flash your phone with a new stock firmware file. Let us look at some of the things you will need.


  1. Windows PC/Laptop
  2. Wikoo K630 LTE firmware file
  3. SP Flash tool/Miracle box/NCK/CM2 or any other MTK Flashing tool
  4. USB Cable

Step 1

The first step is always straightforward. When flashing your Wikoo K630 LTE Smartphone, the first thing you need to do is to download the stock ROM. Download Wikoo K630 LTE firmware file and extract the zip file on your computer. Make sure that you extract the zip file from a location that you can easily locate.

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Step 2

After downloading your Wikoo K630 LTE flash file from step 1 above, now you will need to have a tool by which you will flash your flash file. There are quite a number of firmware flashing tools. You can download SP Flash tool latest version or you can use whichever flashing tool that best suits your taste. For example, for me, I used the ASBUN tool to flash MTK smartphones. This tool supports much other functionality besides flashing ROMS on MTK phones. But you can use whichever tool you please.


Step 3

I am assuming that you have once or a while flashed mobile phones and so you know how to use the tool you have chosen to flash this phone. As for me, I used ASBUN. So, on the tool you have chosen, load the scatter file from the Wikoo K630 LTE Firmware file you extracted in step 1.

Wikoo k630 LTE.JPG

After loading the scatter file on the flashing tool, click on the button to start flashing the file depending on the tool you are using.

Step 4

Now, you need to connect your phone. With MTK smartphones, It is usually so easy and you don’t need any boot keys. Just power off your phone or simply just remove and place back the battery, connect your wikoo K630 LTE to the computer or to your laptop using the USB data cable. As soon as you hear the Phone connecting, flashing will begin. Be patient until flashing is done as shown below.

Wikoo k630 LTE 2.JPG

Step 5

Now, after flashing is completed, disconnect your phone from the PC, now power it up. Wait until it boots up with the wikoo logo and opens. If it doesn’t, then you can try to re-flash it again. After the phone boots up, complete the normal Android set up settings and enjoy using your phone once again. That is the best way on how to solve wikoo K630 LTE Smartphone hanging on the logo.


Please, make sure that before flashing your phone, your phone has a battery charge of 50% and above. Never flash your phone with a low-power battery. Secondly, Flashing your smartphone is risky. Make sure that everything is well set. Flashing your phone may damage it completely. Therefore, flash your phone at your own risk.


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