How to Transfer Everything From An Old Samsung Phone to Samsung Galaxy s9

As the world revolves, things change more rapidly and so, does the world of technology too. There are many changes taking place in the field of mobile technology. Google is updating Android Operating System so fast. Infarct, every year Google releases a new Android Operating System. Because of many features and security patches that come with these updates, many android users tend to migrate from one operating system to another. As Smartphone manufacturers launch new flagship phones, it is very clear that many people want to experience the functionalities that come with these phones. One of the well-known companies that is notorious in launching new brands more frequently is Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S9 is now here! Read also: How to transfer WhatsApp chats from android to iphone

Before people could familiarize themselves and still marveling at the beauty of Samsung S8, Samsung has surprised many with the so soon launched flagship of S9! If you are that trendy person or a tech. enthusiast, you might want to migrate to this newly launched Samsung Galaxy S9. Modern days, smartphones come with a memory capacity big enough to satisfy users’ storage needs. This is without doubt very important because certainly you have your important data on your old Samsung phone that you might wish to transfer to Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. Let us now look at methods through which you can transfer contents from old device to Samsung Galaxy S9.Transfer Everything From An Old Samsung Phone to Samsung Galaxy


There are various methods through which you can move data from Samsung to Galaxy S9. Let us look at them step by step.

  • How to transfer files from old Samsung phone to Samsung Galaxy S9 using DropBox.

If you had not earlier backed up your phone content from your old Samsung to Dropbox, then you will be required to start from scratch. First, download DropBox app from Google Playstore. Install it and then launch it. Open DropBox and sign in with your google Acount, that is, your email and then your password then login or sign in. If you are new to DropBox, just download the app and sign up. Now, within DropBox, you can create folders where you want to store your content. You will see a plus (+) sign. Select it and you will be prompted to upload your content from your phone. Choose the files you want to upload. Remember since you most certainly have a lot of data to upload, you will be required to have a WIFI connection to make these huge uploads. When this is done, Cross check on your uploaded data to make sure no important one is left behind. Now on your New S9, download Dropbox app, install it and launch. Sign in with your google account you previously used on your old device. You will see all the content you had previously uploaded on your old device. Move data from Samsung to Galaxy s9 by now downloading those content to your phone storage. That is as simple as that.

  • Move data from Samsung to Galaxy S9 using Smart Switch

If you are a Samsung user, whether longtime or short term, Smart Switch is not a brand new terminology. Smart Switch feature is an entirely Samsung-only feature only built for Samsung Brands to enable sharing data between Samsung phones. To start, start by downloading Smart Switch on both devices. After that, install and launch it on both devices. Now, between “USB” and “WIRELESS” options displayed, select “WIRELESS” on both devices. Next step, on the old device, select “SEND” and on your S9, select “RECEIVE” and then “ANDROID”. Then tap on “CONNECT” to link both phones. After connection is established, on the old phone, you will se all the data you can transfer. Select the one you wish to transfer and select “SEND”. On your new Samsung Galaxy S9, SELECT “RECEIVE”. This way, you will move data from your Samsung phone to Samsung Galaxy S9.

  • Transfer Data from old Samsung to Samsung S9 using Dr. Fone

When it comes to Android data transfer and phone management tools, Dr. Fone has always been at the top of the list. Let us see how it can be handy in moving data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S9. You can get this software online and download it on your computer. It is fast, smooth and efficient phone management and data transfer tool. Dr. Fone is a nice and most reliable tool. It is a very sure way that will guarantee you safety of your data by preventing data is efficient and easy to use. You don’t need rocket science to use it.

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The very first step is to download Dr.Fone on your PC or laptop. Whether you are using Windows or Mac, Dr. Fone is compatible on both platforms. Follow the installation procedures and then launch Dr. Fone. On the provided options on Dr. Fone’s dashboard, Click “SWITCH” now using USB cables connect both phones to your computer. The software will now be able to read both phones connect to your computer and display all the content that can be transferred from either phone to another. Now, select the content you want to transfer and in this case, it is transferring files from old Samsung phone to Samsung Galaxy S9. Tick on whichever documents you want to transfer be they photos, music, documents or any other material. Select “START TRANSFER” below. Wondershare mobile transfer will start transferring content to your new Samsung S9.

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As you can see, among the provided options, all the given methods are very effective and easier to use to transfer content from old Samsung device to Samsung Galaxy S9. The choice is yours to make. In the event that some files or data is lost during the transfer, you can use this method to Recover Deleted or lost Messages, photos, videos and files On Android Phones.