How to screen mirror Android to Apple TV without root

The need to screen mirror Android to Apple TV without root can come about when you have a great movie on your android device yet you only have an Apple TV and the TV to watch it. Normally, that would mean the end of the fun since Google and Apple products rarely play nice with each other. The previously available methods included having to root your device (losing the warranty and risking bricking the device). Luckily, there are simply methods which allow your android device to play nice with an Apple TV to cast its screen with ease. We review a few here. Read Also: How to connect iPad to TV wirelessly without Apple TV

Twonky Beam: Townky allows you to use Apple TV, Xbox, Roku and some smart TVs to mirror android to the big screen. It is easy to use this service as it is free and comes with a selection of channels which can be used to view content on the big screen. Besides that, you can cast videos and photos stored in your phone memory. Even better, it is free. How to connect android to Apple TV without root

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DoubleTwist Player & Podcasts: One of the best streaming apps available at the moment is DoubleTwist. You can use it for radio, podcasts, music and even video content to the big screen using various streaming services. Besides using the service for Apple TV, you can use it for Sonos, PS4 and Xbox 360. This has proven to be a very handy option for those seeking to enjoy their content on other devices with better screens and sound quality from android devices.

AppleTV AirPlay Media Player: The app may have one of the longest names around but is one of the very best options at your disposal when it comes to mirroring your android screen on the Apple TV. You are also not limited to some content since you can cast content from Flickr, Facebook, YouTube and even locally stored files to the large screen.

Allcast: If you need an app that is the ultimate all-in-one when it comes to streaming content from an android device to the big screen, Allcast is the one. It can stream content using the Apple TV, WDTV, Chromecast, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Roku, and many others. You can thus use this as the only app you will need for all your streaming needs. As long as your Apple TV and android phone are on the same Wi-Fi network, streaming is very easy. Another positive about Allcast is the fact that you can stream photos, videos and even music.

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To screen mirror Android to Apple TV without root is easy given that all you will need besides the Apple TV and Wi-Fi is an app on your android phone or tablet. With the options given here, you are a few steps from enjoying your content on the big screen. Among the options here are a few that require a payment to use the full version of the service. Even with that, it is only a few dollars to part with.