How to root Tecno M3 android phone without computer, root tecno android phones without computer, advantages of rooting android phones

We all know the super functions that comes along with a rooted android phone and hence the topic, how to root tecno m3. Some applications in the google playstore or other android stores require that your handset has the root access. To root some android phones, you need the help of a computer or a laptop to achieve that.

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However, to root some handsets such as samsung galaxy pocket or tecno android phones require no use of a laptop or a computer. In this tutorial, I will show you how to root tecno M3. Using this same procedure, you can also root other tecno android phones but not all. In my earlier post, I already tackled the procedure on How to root Lava Xolo A500 but this requires that you have a computer or laptop.Okay, enough said, lets get down to the procedure on how to root Tecno M3 android phone.

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Steps to root tecno m3

Download the following apps from the google appstore or any other android store on your phone.

  • Frameroot
  • Root Checker



When the downloads are done,

root tecno m3

  • Install the frameroot app.
  • Open the app
  • Under the first drop down menu, select install SuperSU
  • Then tap on Boromir just below it


To complete the process, simply restart the phone. The phone may prompt you to restart it but if it doesnt, just restart it mannually by long pressing the power button and then select ‘reboot’
You now have root access on your Tecno M3. You will see a SuperSU app in the main menu and this confirms your tecno M3 has root access. As I mentioned earlier, you can use the same method to root other tecno android phones without necessarily needing a computer or a laptop.STEP 5:
Install the Root checker app downloaded in step 1. This app is only used to confirm if really your handset has been rooted. Open the application, when prompted to allow SuperSU click on allow. You will then see a congradulatory message notifying you that the handset has root access. That is it guys, you now know how to root tecno android phones and specifically how to root tecno M3.

Andvantages of rooting your android device.

Just incase you  are wondering why is it important to root youa android device. Okay, here are a few reasons for rooting your android device,

  1. Enables you to trully own your device
  2. With a rooted device you can flash a custom ROM
  3. With a rooted device you can flash a custom kernel
  4. A rooted device enables you to tweak the dark corners of the android device
  5. Rooting helps remove preinstalled crapware
  6. With a rooted device, you can back up your phone for seamless transitions
  7. With a rooted phone you can also block adds in any app
  8. It also helps boost your phone’s speed and battery life
  9. With a rooted phone you can automate everything on the android device
  10. You can unlock hidden features and install apps which would have otherwise been incompatible.

Incase the above method does not work for you, try this alternative as it works on almost all android phones. Read the article on the alternative method of How to root android phones using Iroot or otherwise known as Vroot or watch the video below for the method at work. You can also use KingRoot App, download it from

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