How To Root Samsung S6 G935F

Hello our esteemed readers. Welcome ones more. In today’s article, I am going to show you how to root Samsung S6 G935F. First, you need to understand that rooting your device voids your device warranty. And secondly, to root your phone might damage it if not correctly done. So you need to consider these facts. But if you are ok with that, then I am going to show you how to root Samsung S6 G935F. People root their smartphones because of different reasons. Please feel free to also check my article on How to Flash D light M100 smartphone and remove Pay Joy lock. To root a smartphone means that you are unlocking it to have access to partitions the manufacturer didn’t want you to have access to. Usually for the obvious reasons which include not wanting you to temper with the phones system, not accessing the features you are not allowed to. But still there are benefits that come with rooting your smartphones.

Benefits of Rooting Android

As I mentioned above, rooting your smartphone is a risky affair and might crush your smartphone. But still despite the risks, people still root their Android smartphones. Why? There must be some benefits that come with rooting Android or having root access to your smartphone. Some of the advantages of rooting Android include:

  • Accessing internal root partition
  • Ability to unlock boot loader
  • Installing apps that need root access
  • Installing custom ROM
  • Uninstall system Apps
  • IMEI repair (For Samsung models).

How to Root Samsung S6 G 935F without TWRP or Magisk.

Now, as I have mentioned earlier, there are various benefits you will get by rooting your Android. You get an upper hand and you get to be a supper user and you will enjoy super user privileges unlike when you are using a non rooted phone with limited access to functionalities. Besides that, for Samsung users, if you want to fix null IMEI, Invalid SIM or network connection problem related to IMEI patching or IMEI writing, then you need to root your Samsung phone. In this case, if you are looking on how to write IMEI on Samsung S6 G935F smartphone but you want to first root it, then you are at the right place. I am going to show you how to root Samsung S6 G935F. Also feel free to read how to flash Samsung S7262.

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Requirements to root Samsung S6

Now, to root your Samsung S6 G935F, You need to have the following things.

  1. Windows computer
  2. Samsung S6 G935F root files
  3. Odin flashing tool latest version
  4. USB data cable

Now having made sure that you have the above requirements, kindly and keenly follow the next steps on how to root Samsung S6 G935F.

Step 1

Download Samsung S6 Root files. Make sure that the root files you are downloading match exactly your phone’s model or else, you might totally brick your phone. You can download the Samsung S6 G935F root files from the link provided here. Download and extract the zip file. Save the file in a folder you can easily locate.

Step 2

Now, after you have downloaded the Samsung S6 root files in step 1 above, now you need to have a tool which to use to flash the root files on your phone’s internal memory. The tool we are talking about here is Odin. Samsung Odin is the official Samsung flashing tool. Download Odin latest version and extract it on your PC. Launch the application.

Step 3

After launching Odin, power off your Samsung S6 935F phone. Boot the phone into download mode. To boot Samsung S6 into Download mode, hold the volume down button, the home key and the power button at the same time. When the phone comes up, accept the download mode by pressing the volume up button. Connect the phone to the PC using the USB data cable. On Odin interface, under ID COM, you will see the com port number your phone is connected to. If it feels suitable for you, you can also check how to flash Tecno F1 8+1E 1 stuck on Fast boot mode.

Step 4

Now, on Odin interface, click on AP tab, navigate to the folder you had extracted containing Samsung S6 G935F root files. Click on the AP file. Let it load on the Samsung Odin flashing tool.

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Step 5

After loading the AP file, remember at this point the phone is still connected to your PC and still in download mode, now click on the START button on Odin interface. Immediately, Odin will start writing the root files on your Samsung S6. Be patient until it is done and resetting is done.


Do not disconnect your phone until all the process is done, that is after ‘RESET!’ is done and you see ‘PASS’.

Step 6

After that, the above process is complete, the phone should power up and reboot on itself. After the phone reboots, you will see some strange interface with codes on your screen. Don’t panic. Just let the phone is and after everything is done, the phone will reboot again and show the Samsung logo and later on it will just boot up and open. If it gets stuck on the logo, just do a hard reset and then repeat the process. After that, install the root checker APK and check the root authenticity. This will help you verify if your phone has been successfully rooted. At some point it will ask for supper user permission. Just select ‘Grant’.


That is how to root Samsung S6 G935F.


Kindly note that the root files provided here are strictly for Samsung S6 G935F model. DO NOT use these files on a different model. Remember rooting your device has got its own risks. It will void your Smartphone’s warranty if it is still under warranty period. Secondly you might brick your phone trying to root it. Before you root your phone, make sure it is worth it and it is worth the risk. Lastly, if this article has helped you solve your problem and you have fixed your device as a result of the helpful information obtained here, kindly don’t just leave without supporting us. Kindly subscribe to our website to receive updates on the new articles and also visit our social media platforms and leave a thumbs up for us. Thank you and see you again in the next article.