How To Reset Windows 10 PC TO Factory Settings

Hello readers. Welcome to technology sage. Today, we are going to learn about How to Reset Windows 10 PC to Factory settings. Are you having issues with your computer? Do you feel that your computer is not working properly? If yes, then there are chances that a program or some programs have a problem or your computer has been infected by malware. Some of the anti viruses we install on our computers will not detect some viruses. Because of this, our computers get viruses without us noticing. The only way we can know that we are infected when our computers start behaving abnormally.

Many times the software programs we tend to download from the internet contains harmful files that get our machines infected. Sharing files from one external drives to our PCs gets us infected from the files we receive from those external drives. In the case where you feel you have been infected with malware or your computer is behaving abnormally, then it is time to restore it to factory setting.

Steps on How To Reset Windows 10 PC TO Factory Settings

Restoring your computer to factory settings will erase everything and restore your computer to the original state as it came from the factory. This will solve your problem if you are experiencing any.

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Start by clicking the windows key on your keyboard or the windows button at the bottom left corner of your screen.

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Click on the settings button.

After you have clicked the settings button, now, on the settings panel, select update and security.

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Now on the Update and security panel, on the left side, click on Recovery. This will take you to the windows recovery menu.

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On the windows recovery menu, Select get started under Reset this PC.

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This will take you to a window that will give you two options. You can choose the first option to reset apps and settings but keep your files, or the Remove Everything option where you can completely delete and wipe everything including your personal files from your hard drive.

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After you select your method of reset, say the Keep file mode, you will see the files or apps that will be removed during the factory reset process.

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After you have checked what files will be removed, click the NEXT button to proceed with factory resetting your windows 10 PC to factory settings.

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Your computer will start resetting immediately and this will take some time. You will need to be patient and wait until the process is done. You will need to reinstall the apps you have lost.


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