How To Remove Viruses And Fix Errors On Android

Do you suspect your phone might be having viruses? Let us learn how to remove viruses and fix errors on Android. Trojan, Godless, googlian, mazar and many more, are new breeds of dangerous mobile malware now. When your device gets infected, it will take you not so long to notice something is amiss. It is not common for smartphones to report malware attacks. But it actually happens. It is also not easy to realize that your device is infected.

Viruses are spread mostly through mobile apps we install from unknown sources and websites we visit online. Malicious app popups we experience many times are like baits for downloading malware. These viruses upon being installed masked like app decoys can stealthily steal our vital information on our smartphones and tablets comfortably sucking our hard earned Internet. Most of them are from unknown sources. Reas also: How to protect your smartphone from viruses

Due to google policies, many developers are unable to beat and yet are locked out from publishing apps on the official android market-google play. Because of this, developers have created domains where they offer apps free of download without policies and restrictions. This has made the developers and hackers to make malicious apps loaded with viruses which people download without knowing leaving many people vulnerable. These apps while acting as decoys of apps we believe are good, will infect our phones, infringe on our privacy and corrupt our files.

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How To Remove Viruses And Fix Errors On Android

Ways To Remove Viruses And Fix Errors On Android

There are various ways on how to remove viruses and fix error on android. First, you can try to download a mobile antivirus app on your android phone or tablet. The downside is that many will always give positive results when u do a virus scan for the purposes of selling or marketing themselves yet the truth of the matter is, there is no virus! But some, in fact, very few will genuinely give you genuine results. One that I trust is McAfee. Its genuine and will surely give you the best performance beyond just virus protection.

Secondly, you can prevent your phone from malware from apps by downloading strictly apps from google play. Apps from Google are safe and are periodically monitored by Google and if found malicious, Google will automatically chuck them out. By default, Android is set to install only market apps. But this setting can be changed in the setting to allow or stop installation of apps from unknown sources. Just go to settings>>security>>unknown sources. There, you can choose to allow third-party apps or not.

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Thirdly, when you realize by any chance that your phone is infected, it is not easy to find out the source of the virus. The most guaranteed thing you can do is to do a factory reset. This will remove everything and wipe the entire phone off your data and everything including viruses. Remember this wipes everything. So before you do that, make sure you really want to do that and that you have backed up your data.

Last but not least, update your android. I know these updates are not frequent, but at least you should be running the latest according to your manufacturer. System updates come with important security patches. Then lastly, uninstall apps that you suspect might be malicious. Don’t give unknown apps admin rights without proper trust.