How To Remove Security Code ON Oppo A37F

Hello guys. Welcome and thank you for choosing technology sage. In today’s article, I am going to show you how to remove the security lock on OPPO A37M. By the way, I was surprised to learn that we have OPPO A37F and OPPO A 37M. OPPO A37F is based on a Qualcomm Chipset while OPPO A37M is built on a MediaTek chipset. Both phones look alike and feature-wise, they are almost similar even by appearance. So if you have previously read my article on how to unlock OPPO A37FT then you need to also know how to remove the security lock on OPPO A37M. Both phones seem so similar but the process of unlocking them is a little bit different. So, if you are looking forward to unlocking your Oppo A37M, then this article is going to point you in the right direction on how to remove the security lock on OPPO A37M.

In this article, I am going to teach you how to remove the security lock on OPPO A37M. Remember this process can only be used on this specific model. This model is among the earliest models and this method and tool I am going to use can only work on those earlier models and not the latest models. So, let us see how to remove the security lock on OPPO A37M.


To flash OPPO A37M smartphone, here are some of the things you will be required to have in order to unlock OPPO A37M.

  1. Windows computer
  2. Inferno Uni tool
  3. USB Data cable
  4. QUALCOMM USB drivers installed.

Method on How to remove security lock on OPPO A37M

After making sure you have the above-highlighted requirements. Follow the following step-by-step procedure on how to remove the security lock on OPPO A37M.

Step 1

In the very first step, launch the Inferno tool on your windows computer. You need to have an inferno tool dongle or box. But if you don’t have it, then you can use the crack tool. In this tutorial, I am using the Inferno Uni Tool crack. This tool supports many models of smartphones OPPO being one of them. If you are using the crack tool, there is a way of launching this software. I am not going to go into many details but one of these fine days I am going to make an article about the same. Feel free to also read how to bypass Google FRP on Tecno N2S

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\OPPO A37M 1.JPG

Step 2

After launching the Inferno tool on your computer, you will see various mobile models displayed. Now, click on the “OPPO” model as shown below.

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C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\OPPO A37M 1.JPG

Step 2

Now after selecting OPPO, under oppo, now you will see the two types of oppo chipset supported by this tool. There is MTK and QUALCOMM. Since OPPO A37M is based on Mediatek chipset, chose MEDIATEK.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\OPPO A37M 2.JPG

Step 3

Now, until this point, you are doing well. Keep up. After choosing the MediaTek chipset under the platform, now you need to select the action or what you want to do from the listed action. There are lists of actions you can select. But since we want to unlock this phone, scroll down along the list of actions and select “Format.”

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\OPPO A37M 3.JPG

Now after selecting the “Format”, now choose the formatting option you need. Select ‘AUTO FORMAT

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\OPPO A37M 5.JPG

Now, after selecting Format type, under models, select Others, since A37M is not listed among the models listed. Click on the “NEXT” button at the bottom right corner.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\OPPO A37M 4.JPG

Step 4

After that, it is time to connect your OPPO A37F to the computer to format it and remove the security lock on the OPPO A37M smartphone. Switch off the phone using the power key. To put the phone into boot mode, hold both volumes up and down, then connect the phone to the computer via USB data cable. Inferno Uni tool will quickly detect your phone and start formatting it. Put the phone on a stable surface far from interference. Be patient until formatting is done as shown below.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\OPPO A37M.JPG

After formatting is completed, the phone will reboot by itself. If it doesn’t, disconnect it to the USB data cable and power it up. Wait for the phone to load up. It might take some time. After it is done, go through the initial set up and you will be able to use your phone.

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