How to find and delete duplicate files on android phone

Would it benefit you if i told you that you can delete duplicate files on android phone? If yes, then read on for the unheard before way to find and delete duplicate files on android phone. We all know that storage is no more of a problem to suffer with for Android users. The minimum space provided currently on an average Android smartphone phones is about 1 GB which is more than enough for average users. Users can expand the storage capacity by fetching Micro SD cards  up to 64 GB in size.

When we have unlimited storage space at our fingertips, most of us dump blindly whatever it comes; music, videos, songs, pictures, in our devices till it becomes full. The next thing we try to do is to remove useless files and acquire space.

Deleting unnecessary files is a good idea but we hardly pay attention towards duplicate files. Duplicate files whether we agree or not  clog physical storage space in the device up to 10%.  You can gain  additional space for storage in the device if you can find and delete duplicate files on android phone.

Deleting duplicate files manually would be an exhausting task. For instance, duplicate files have same file size but not the same name. Therefore, it is better to make use of an app to make this process painless. The mystery app is non other than the Duplicate Files Fixer.

Duplicate Files Fixer is an android app which will help you to easily find and delete duplicate files on android phone.

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Take a deep insight of the features of Duplicate Files Fixer.

How to Delete duplicate files on android phone

Duplicate Files Fixer scans easily for duplicate files, photos, videos, and music with its straightforward interface.  You can either scan duplicates individually or can opt “Full scan”. You can narrow your search by the type of file, size, and content in the Settings tab.

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Delete duplicate images

You have all the power to remove duplicate images and get an organized library. Find those images that have been rotated, flipped, retouched, re-sized, or saved in a different format. It will efficiently give you results.

Delete duplicate audios and videos

Scan and compare audio, video files using Duplicate Files Fixer. It supports all the common formats to obtain duplicate stuff easily.

Delete duplicate documents and files

Duplicate Files Fixer scans for documents and folders as well to point out the duplicates taking up space on the Android device. And above all, it lists the hidden files and folders when you opt for the full scan. No invisible folders will be left from the sharp-sighted Duplicate Files Fixer in the device!

Exclude folders

In case, you do not want to scan specific folders to list duplicates or you have recently scanned that folder, then you can skip it from the scan process. Simply put that folder on the ignore list and you are done! The folders in the ignore list won’t be scanned. You can alter the ignore list. Add or remove the folders, your choice!

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Group- wise result

Duplicate Files Fixer gives result in a group-wise manner. The reason to display the result in a group-wise manner is to help you to easily interpret and delete duplicates. Each group has one unmarked item in it. The unmarked item indicates that it is to be kept in the device. However, you can manually mark and delete the duplicates or can go with the auto-mark option as well.

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Preview before you delete

It offers the option to preview files before you delete them from the device. This option will safeguard your data to make sure that important system files and programs aren’t deleted.

delete duplicate files on android phone








It is a perfect duplicate file finder to shoot duplicate stuff straight away from the device. It is a simple app yet powerful enough to accomplish its purpose. Saves time and efforts too! You can get the app free of charge on the google play store. Click the link below;


enjoy 🙂

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